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Santi is an airbender and the airbending instructor of Avatar Kyoshi. He comes from the Southern Air Temple and met Kyoshi and her allies in the middle of her journey.


Santi was born at the Southern Air Temple. Like essentially all of his fellow Air Nomads, he was an airbender, discovering his abilities when he was four years old.

After this, Santi began his basic airbending training. He advanced through the first twenty tiers of airbending rather quickly, but then began to struggle with it, him being eleven at the time. At the 25th tier, he seemed ready to quit on the instruction, but inspirational words from his instructors helped see Santi through.

At age fifteen, Santi completed the 36th tier, making him an airbending master.

Seven years later, he was appointed as an airbending instructor by the Council of Elders. He oversaw the training mostly of students between the tenth and nineteenth tiers of airbending. Santi saw a great success rate, as his students advanced into the twentieth tier of airbending faster than others at the Southern Air Temple.

Soon, Santi was a world-renowned airbending instructor. It was this that brought Avatar Kyoshi over to him at this point in his life.

Teaching and joining Kyoshi

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With Team Kyoshi

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Like most of his brethren, Santi is a quiet, peaceful monk who takes pleasure in living a lifestyle under the basics. However, he can get snippy when his patience is tested. He does not take too kindly to students who refuse to follow his instructions or those who clearly do not give a full effort.


Santi is a master airbender, fully capable of every master-level move. However, it is very rare that he turns to his moves in combat, only using simpler moves with his students in training spars.

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