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Mian and the remaining survivors arrive in an abandoned city in the Southern Earth Kingdom. Their fateful warships had crashed on their way to Omashu. Now, everyone is stranded in a seemingly forgotten city, with no connection to the out side world. Everyone is stranded here...or perhaps, certain comrades know of the secrets beyond the surrounding woods.


Mian's face was first to feel the hard ground. He started to cough violently, turned on his side and sat up. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a thick forest, with surrounding him. How did he end up...No, look, they're parts of an airship. An..Airship! He must have crashed, or something like was hard to think with his head throbbing. But, was it his friends who had him...or the Islanders? He slowly got to his feet and began to walk forward.

He didn't know where he was, what time it was, or what he was doing, but had a sudden urge to drink hundreds of gallons of water. What was...that? Running...water! He started to head for the sound, and found a waterfall falling into a small lake. He began to engulf himself in the water. After several minutes of thirst quenching he heard shouts. Looking up, he saw people running to him from the other side of the lake. He squinted to see who it was...Fire Nation...Phoenix Islanders? He noticed the Fire Nation Flag, and began to run towards them as well. At the helm of the group was Zura, his long time friend. After a quick embrace, Zura took them back to the small camp.

Mian took a small step inside, and saw the "Hospital" tent. In there were his friends Tia, Ami, and Hai. Next to them were several nurses, and helping them wasSky, his other friend.

"Are they okay?" He asked Zura in a whisper.

"They're doing better than yesterday," replied Zura. "Come on, we've got to go see dad..." Mian followed Zura out of the tent and towards a larger tent in the center. At the center Fire Lord Hokui was talking to some advisors. Seeing Mian, he nodded to the advisors, who left the tent. "Hello, Mian, how are you?"

"Fine, what happened?" Asked Mian, wanting to know what was going on.

"Alright sit down." Began the Fire Lord "We had found you in the water, and took you to the capital. You were in a coma, and the Islanders began to blitz us, they soon took the Capital. Lucky for us, we had our airships ready and fled. We were heading to Omashu, when the engines crashed and we landed here. Now, I believe you have some explaining to do, over the Avatar State, perhaps?"

"Err...I lost control, there was something in me that didn't want to kill him, and I saw Avatar Aang, and there was this weird tug in the stomach, and I don't know..." answered Mian, confused.

"Well, you didn't help us very much..." mumbled Zura.

"Zura! The Avatar State is very complicated, and it's not Mian's fault, he hasn't mastered it yet. A shame, but we should move to find civilization soon," said the Fire Lord.

"When should we head out?" asked Mian.

"As soon as possible, tomorrow, if everything works out," answered Hokui.

Pao Family Tea House

The Blazing Tea Shop

Governor Chen was walking briskly through the quiet streets of the Fire Nation Capital. It was nearing 8 PM. He hoped that he wouldn't be late, nor would his contact. Chen took a right onto the next street and remembered the events of the past several days.

The Other day Chen had found a note on his bedroom dresser, which informed him that someone wanted to meet him and they had similar goals. Chen was about to toss the foolish note away, until he read what was at the bottom of the note. "I know your secrets, Governor, or should I say Admiral? If you don't meet me, your position shall lose favor, and your family shall suffer the consequences."

Chen might be many things, but he was a family man, and loved his wife, little boy, and his mother very much. However, they were all back in the Islands, and he didn't know how safe they were. Ah, here he was: Blazing Tea Shop. He took a step inside to the near empty restaurant. Chen ordered some tea and sat in the third seat in the third table in the third row awaiting his contact. While he was waiting he glanced around the small restaurant.

There were only a handful of people there, eating in a secluded corner. The restaurant owner was a large man with a grey beard and avoided eye contact with him. Chen was curious of why the town was so loosely populated, but then remembered of all the evacuees during and before him taking power. He silently sipped his tea. What was the point of leadership when a bare fifth of the original population remained indoors, afraid of the new leadership? He didn't notice the slightly bulky man, and order some tea. Lost in his thoughts, it took Chen several minutes before noticing the man was standing behind him. Chen turned around, and the man began to speak.

"Hello, my name is Jeong and I have a proposition for you...."

"Where are we, now?" asked Mian, for the 100th time in the last hour. Their entourage of survivors were marching through the jungle seemingly towards nowhere.

"I don't know," said Zura, for the 100th time in the last hour.

"Well, what's that?" asked Mian, pointing to an old sign engraved in the rock.

"Stop, stop, let me have a look...hmmm...this says "Sanpai, City of the Forgotten Masters" now does that sound familiar to anyone?" asked a General, seeing only hundreds of head shakes.

"Well, then, onward! At least we are near civilization, I suppose?" said the Fire Lord, questioningly.

Fire Lord Hokui was right, they did reach civilization, or where it had been thousands of years ago. Not too far from the sign, was an abandoned city. The City was completely empty, and full of abandoned houses. The Entourage established camp in the town square, at the center of the old city. While the girls and Hai continued to recover Sky and Zura headed out to explore, while Mian helped the nurse and others settle.

"First, a water source!" said Sky, as the duo walked down an abandoned street.

"Right, let's take a look around," replied Zura.

Lake Laogai

The Lake was near the outskirts of the city.

Soon, they found a fairly large lake near the outskirts of the city, and drenched themselves in it. After alerting their fellow survivors, they listened to the anymore updates from a man in a red shirt. Some other explorers had also found some food sources, along with their supplies, mainly some fruit trees and eatable plants. They then continued to explore.

After several minutes of walking around, they found a very large house, in the seemingly "rich" and "upper class" district. The house seemed to be where the village head and his family lived. There were some portraits on the wall of the last leader, and his family. Zura noted the boy, seemed to look like Hai, with a touch of Ami. In the center of the house, there was a small table with a sword stuck into it. The table was red, of stained blood. Sky saw that the deeper they went into the huge house they found more blood stains on the wall. In the most rear room, of the house, they found what seemed to be the room of the little boy. Despite their worries, the duo looked inside, to find it completely untouched. They looked to the other side of the room, and found that the wall was smeared with paint that said one word "revenge".

Completely terrified of the house, the two ran outside and kept on running. They kept on doing so, until they found themselves at the top of a hill that had an amazing view of the whole city. They noticed a structure at the top of the hill, a shrine of some sort. After coming closer they saw it was a simple structure, with just a roof, some stairs and several statues facing different directions. One was of a boy, very similar to the picture of the boy in the house, sitting on his knees in common clothes facing north. He was smiling happily. Next to him, facing east was a teenager, similar to the boy, but this one was in armor, without a smile, and a grim face. The last one facing South, was of the boy, now a young man in robes. He had a pendant that looked a little like the ensign of the Air Nomads. He had a stern but smiling face. There was no statue facing west, but rather a small indentation that looked like a seat. Having seen all of this the duo went back to the camp, eager to pass their news on to Mian and their friends.

Right after Zura and Sky left at the Entourage camp

"Ah, hello, Colonel Mao," said the Fire Lord "Welcome to my tent"

"Thank you, your majesty," said Mao, bowing

"Now, to the matter at hand, I would like you and some fellow soldiers to scope out the nearby forest. I sense we're fairly close to civilization." Stated the Fire Lord

"Of course, sir, but wouldn't it be simple to here? We will soon find food and water sources, soon. we are safe from the rest of the world. We are at a utopia, sir. A utopia!" replied Mao, enthusiastically.

"A utopia?" asked Hokui "I think not. We lack the several key items, such as proper places to sleep, and more. And, we must know what is going on in the rest of the world. We must," said the Firelord, he then gestured for Mao to leave, ending the conversation. Mao, seemed hurt, then quickly recovered, saluted, and left.

"So, it was just sitting there, completely intact? No damage at all?" Asked Mian, suspicious. This place was too old for anything to be perfectly intact.

"Yeah, and it looked just like the picture of that kid in the painting. Man, I have the Goosebumps thinking of it," said Sky.

"Me too. Well, I know one thing for sure, we're never going..." Began Zura

"Take me there...tomorrow," said Mian, he felt as if he just had to check this place out, it seemed to cool.

"...back there." Finished Zura, and then realizing what Mian said, sighed and continued "Fine. But, only the pond place, not the house."

"Agreed." Answered Mian, and prepared to go to bed.


The City of Omashu

"Colonel! There's something over there, pas that hill," said the soldier. He was a member of the task force, that the Fire Lord had sent out to scope things out. After several hours of marching they found a trail, and had just come out of the forest. He could see smoke coming out from behind the hill. That had to mean civilization.

"Let's go then, men," said the colonel, and he took the lead. The hill wasn't too far, and soon they were at the top of it. The men were expecting a small village, hopefully one with some decent food, but no. Rather, they found the city of Omashu.

"Guys! We did it! We did it!" Yelled a soldier, and started cheering, followed by his fellow soldiers. However, they didn't see the look on their colonel's face.

It wasn't a happy one. He turned to face his men.

"Omashu Pigeon Station"

"Thank you, sir. Now, where would you like to send this message?" Asked the Pigeon Station Staff member.

"Fire Nation, Capital City," replied the man in the simple Earth Kingdom clothes, and a wide straw hat.

"Sorry, haven't you heard? There's some bad stuff going on over there, we're under orders to send nothing there." Answered the Staff Member.

"Do you have one that can reach there?" Asked the Man in the hat

"Well, yes, Pigeon 10 over here, can. But, yet again, I must say that we aren't allowed to send any..." And he didn't speak any further, because his dead body lied immobile on the cold stone floor. The Man made it to pigeon ten, and began writing his note.

"My Dear Comrade, Hoshizu
I have gained their trust and prevented them from reaching Omashu. The Fire Lord, sent me out with a small group of men to scope the area. Only I shall return this evening. I shall continue you with your plans, sir.
Your humble servant,
Colonel Mao."'

He let Pigeon 10, with his message, out of its cage and into the skies.

Messenger hawk

Pigeon 10 in the skies.

Behind the Scenes


Sanpai was one of the chapters which the Avatar predicted during book one, itself. He knew that after the group had fled, that more sabotage must occur to complicate the story. The chapter took a little more than a week to write and publish. The name of the town and subsequently chapter came from the Japanese word senpai, which roughly means mentor or master, thus the nickname of the city on the sign: Senpai, City of the Forgotten Masters.


  • Sanpai is planned to exist in another fanon.
  • Another traitor is revealed, Colonel Mao.
  • Colonel Mao, was named after Mao Zedong of China, and his quest to find true "peace" and a "utopia" for the Chinese people.
  • The Child shall be a key character in another fanon, and was a powerful bender during his lifetime.

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