By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
Sango Village
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outer Fire Nation


Economic Center

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Sango Village was a big village in the Fire Nation. It was named after Avatar Sango, who created the village. It was destroyed in 130 AG, by Supreme Fire Lord Azula's army.


Avatar Sango was a female Avatar from the Fire Nation and in her time, the Fire Nation had big economic problems. She decided to create a big village, at the economic crossroads of the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom. This plan succeeded, and in honor of Avatar Sango, the village was named after her. The village grew and soon became the economic center of the Fire Nation, harboring many schools, also including a martial arts one.

When a girl named Kaila, who was born in the village and followed class in the martial arts school, rebelled against the Fire Nation and Fire Lord Azula, the village was destroyed out of vengeance. When Kaila and her new friends arrived here, she was heartbroken but eventually got over it and the trio left the village.

Notable figures


  • The name Sango actually is the name of the original character from which the photographs for Kaila are used.

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