By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.

The Sandfish are the most abundant of the desert of Altonia. They can only live in the great desert because, like Jhen Mohran, the sand is the only place they can swim through.


These deadly creatures are often found in groups, trailing behind a Jhen Mohran to get at scraps. They are scavengers, eating whatever they can find. They will easily take a note out of a human if one was left all alone. They also have keen senses so if something edible is around, they can smell it out from a good 2 miles away.


Social by nature, Sandfish often group together up to 5 or 6 fish in one school as they go on a search for food. if one is fatally injured or sick, they will rather leave it alone or (in serious cases) will eat the straggler. They will only resort to cannibalism if they don't find any food after a week or so. After that, it's every fish for itself.

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