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Sanctuary is the tenth chapter of The Avatar of the Fire Temple.


But Captain Jet was not dead. He had recovered from his wound and was going about his business as usual.

Several days later, Jet visited his fiancee once again. She wanted to know where he had been, so he told her that he was injured in the line of duty. "Where have you been?" asked Mai. "I was merely wounded, a mere scratch," replied Jet.

Below her apartment, huge crowds had gathered to witness the execution of Katara, the Gypsy girl to be hung as a witch.

From the corner of the square, an ostrich-horse-drawn cart appeared. In the cart were Katara and her pet cat, Miyuki. A noose was already knotted around the poor girl's neck.

Tears ran down Katara's face. She was crying not just for herself ans Miyuki, but because she believed her beloved Jet was dead. Could anything save her?

She got down from the cart in front of the huge doors of the Fire Temple. A procession of Fire Sages slowly descended the steps, led by Fire Lord Ozai. "She will be confessed," announced Ozai.

Everybody thought he had come to bless the prisoner. But when he got close, he whispered that her life could be saved if she promised to love him. "Be mine and I will help you!" whispered Ozai.

Katara despised him more than anyone in the world and refused his offer. Laughing, he withdrew into the fire temple. "Be gone, Koh!" refused Katara.

No one had noticed, but high above, the Avatar had been watching from the fire temple walls. He could not watch the beautiful Gypsy girl perish.

As she was led to be hung, the crowd heard a mighty roar from the skies above. "Sanctuary! Sanctuary!"

The crowd pointed and stared as Aang swung down from the masonry on a rope. He used earthbending to push away the guards who were holding Katara as though they were made of paper. The crowd was astonished.

Aang scooped up the terrified girl and hurried into the fire temple. He knew that she would be protected within the walls of this house of Agni. She had sanctuary and was safe... for now.

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