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October 4, 2012

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Setting Sail

The took a running leap over the edge of the cliff and into the lake below. He'd rather face the water than the crazy woman chasing him. "You aren't getting away that easily Shu" the girl yelled out coming to a stop at the ledge. The girl was of 18 years old with shoulder length black hair. Her green eyes and caramel skin gave a clear sign of her Earth Kingdom heritage. Silver and gray armor covered her shoulders as well as her legs, from her knees down to her feet. Stomping the ground once, she fired off earth bullets at the falling man's figure though they all missed as he crashed into the river. Surfacing not long after the man sped off with the quickness only waterbending could provide. Firing more bullets she attempted to halt his path but they all harmlessly crashed behind him. "Son of-" the girl said before taking a few steps from the ledge.

Planting her feet firmly to the ground, the girl concentrated on the earth around her, cracks beginning to appear in the ground and quickly began spreading out into a web of lines. Down below in the river, Shu had traveled quite a distance down the river before he noticed that the earth bullets had stopped. Climbing onto shore he let himself smile lightly.

"Finally lost the crazy bitch" he laughed shaking water from his shirt sleeves. Gathering himself, Shu walked down the side of the river, hoping to reach one of the nearby fishing villages.

"Going somewhere Shu?" called the girl's voice. Shu spun around, water flowing from the river towards his hands. Shu looked up to see the girl standing on a large floating chunk of earth. "What the hell?" he said.

"You aren't getting away that easily," she said, breaking off parts of the bottom and firing them. Shu countered with a water blast that deflected the chunks. The ground rose up around him, forming a block of stone but before it closed around him, Shu pulled as much water from the river towards him as he could. As the earth closed in on Shu, the girl smiled at finally capturing her bounty.

But the earth prison hadn't closed just yet. Water had squeezed its way into the crevices of the stone prison and began pushing against it. Water suddenly exploded outward, forcing the earth to part just wide enough for Shu to slip out and once again leap into the river. "You aren't getting away this time you little water rat," she said, directing the boulder towards Shu's fleeing form as he raced through the water. Putting on a burst of speed, the girl's boulder shot forward, gaining on Shu.

"Damnit this is taking too much time," she said. The boulder jolted ahead of Shu before flipping itself upside down. The girl still clung onto the boulder with her feet as it placed itself in Shu's path. The girl flipped onto her hands, gripped the large rock with her bare hands and flung the boulder in Shu's direction. The shadow of the boulder closing in on him drew Shu's attention towards him, fear etching itself into his face. "WHAT THE HELL!!" he cried flinging up a wave of water and froze it into a shield. The boulder smashed through the ice and slammed into the river, sending up a splash of water. Shu washed up on the bank of the river, coughing up water. The girl floated down beside Shu on a chunk of earth large enough for her to sit on.

"Didn't I tell you I was gonna catch you Shu?" she laughed at the man as he pushed himself up.

"You didn't have to throw a mountain at me" Shu coughed out.

"Yeah well you didn't have to rob about 9 villages now did you. Besides, you should know Mayuri always catches her bounty" the girl laughed.

"You talk in third person now? You are one crazy chick" Shu said. Not waiting for a reply, Shu whipped a barrage of ice claws Mayuri's way. The claws stopped 3 feet from Mayuri, melted down into an orb of water and turned back towards Shu. The water orb smacked into Shu's shocked face lightly.

"Whaa? But you just...?!!" "Bent your own water? Yep?" Mayuri replied before he could finish. "But you were just...?!" "Yep earthbending too". "So you're the...?!" Shu stuttered out. "C'mon, you know this. Say it with me now," she said.

"Ava...Ava..." "Avatar. There you go" she finished. Earth latched onto Shu's hands and legs as the ground beneath him broke off and floated into the air beside Mayuri's floating piece. "Come along Shu, you've got a jail cell waiting for you" she called out.

"So you threw a mountain at him?" the officer asked while locking the door to Shu's cell room.

"I didn't literally throw a mountain at him. It was just a really big rock" Mayuri corrected. "It doesn't really matter what I threw at him, just give me my reward money," she said holding her hand out.

"Here," the officer said dropping the small sack of coins into Mayuri's outstretched hand. "Just make sure you don't go throwing mountains and crap at people anymore" he added. "Thank you very much," she said walking out the public jail house. Shaking the bag into her hand, Mayuri counted up her reward money. Satisfied she dropped the coins back into the bag and headed towards the nearest bar. Inside a rowdy crowd of drinkers yelled, breaking out into fights here and there, liquor spilling everywhere.

"Well look who it is" stammered a loud voice. A large arm draped itself over Mayuri's shoulders as a tall man leaned in. The man wore a black tattered cape on his shoulders, a sleeve of armor covered his left arm while he wore armored leg guards. "Little miss Mayuri herself. Got that money I loaned ya a few weeks ago?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact I do" Mayuri said removing his arm from around her shoulder. Grabbing the mug from his hand Mayuri took a swig before reaching into the bag of reward money. She dropped four coins into the mug before handing it back to him.

"Now why would you only give me four gold pieces when you owe 12 gold and 15 silver?" he asked not bothering to remove the coins from his drink.

"Because I helped you capture Hishima who was worth at least 20 gold pieces and 11 silver pieces. Or don't you remember Kaname?" she replied.

"And it was 4 silver pieces, not gold" she added walking towards the counter. Bounty hunters roared and yelled as they placed bets on various things like knife accuracy skills and physical strength. Literally sitting on the counter of the bar was a particularly small old man draped in a beige cape. As Mayuri approached a sly grin etched itself across his face.

"Took you long enough girl. So what'll it be this time" he asked.

"Hmm I'll try the Dragon's bane this time" she taking a seat at the bar. A shout erupted as a table of bounty hunters stood up at once, fists in the air before all taking their seats again.

"So we got any new bounties up yet Nanu?" Mayuri asked reaching for the cup. The dark red liquid inside sloshed as she raised the cup to her lips and took a drink. "Damn that is strong" she exclaimed with a slight grimace.

"Ha, maybe you should've started with something a little light" Nanu laughed as he proceeded to wipe a glass cup clean. Laughing to herself Mayuri suddenly felt a chill run up her spine.

"I take it my friends are still here keeping an eye on me?" Mayuri asked.

"Not like they got anything else to do" Nanu replied. Ever so slightly, Nanu nodded in the direction of two people wearing hooded cloaks. The two were seated on the upper deck of the bar in a position that gave them a clear view of the entire area.

"It's hard having stalkers you know" Mayuri joked taking a lighter sip of Dragon's bane.

"So you stalking me now huh?" Kaname said suddenly showing up.

"Quiet boy" Nanu smacked Kaname upside the head with the rag. "If you're gonna handle those two you might as well do it now."

"Alright then" Mayuri said handing her drink to Kaname and standing up. Mayuri headed upstairs towards the table of the two and causally raised a pillar of earth to seat on. "So you two wanna tell me why you been watching me for the past two months?" she asked. Up close, Mayuri noticed one was considerably smaller in build than the other figure.

Neither of the two said anything, one even reaching forward and drinking from their cup.

"Not too talkative are we? Maybe if we take that hood off you'll be more cooperative," she said reaching for nearest one's hood. Faster than she noticed, a hand shot up and latched onto her wrist with a powerful grip. "So I've got a woman for a stalker. Either that or just a feminine ass man. So which one are you?" Mayuri chided with a sly grin. Hopefully they were easily angered and she could force the hood off them in a fight but to no avail did the woman let her anger get the best of her.

She ended up letting Mayuri's wrist go and got up from the table, her companion getting up with her. Trying to test their patience one last time, Mayuri stomped her foot on the ground sending a twisted line of earth in their direction. The line toppled tables and chairs in its way, sending it's occupants sprawling to the ground as it near the two hooded figures. Before reaching them, a larger column of earth collided with Mayuri's spraying pebbles in every direction. The bar was silent was everyone stared at the three, waiting any signs of another confrontation. The hooded figures stared at Mayuri for a few more seconds before exiting the bar.

"Well that was interesting wasn't it?" Kaname broke the silence. And with that the atmosphere of the bar returned. Mayuri stared at the door a bit longer but letting a smile appear on her face.

'Better keep an eye out for those two' she thought to herself before returning downstairs to a game of dagger toss.

Outside the bar, one of Mayuri's watchers was thinking something similar to her. "She could turn out to be a problem in the future. We'd best keep an eye on her," said the smaller figure, ice on her left hand melting back into water before flowing back up the sleeve of the figure.

"Agreed. This time from a safer distance so as not to tempt an irrational response" the larger figure said. "from you or the girl"


I definitely enjoyed Mayuri as a bounty hunter Avatar. It seems like an odd thing an Avatar would do but also something one would do considering how easily they could take down most of their bounties.

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