By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
Salim Kel Kupar
Biographical information

Ancient Egypt

Physical description


Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Cooper Cane


Bob Cooper (Ancestor), Galleth, Rioichi, Tennessee (descendants)


Aang, Sky Trees

Chronological and political information



40 thieves

First appearance

Genie Cooper PT1 (brief)

Salim Kel Kupar is an Egyptian member of the Cooper ancestry and leader of the legendary 40 thieves. The raccoon is best known for his more mystical attributes that make him a great thief, but however, due to the arrival of Miss Decibel, his many thieves were taken in by her, leaving only him for a long while until he found a small band of Sky Trees, whom he decides to take in as his new thieving group. He did this because the Sky Trees and very loyal to him, and they are much better at sneaking around, even more than Salim himself.

Avatar: New Universe II

Although not an official appearance, Salim shows up with his sky trees when he finds Aang with Smile Dog and Ghost. Though he never met either of them before, he got a grudge that something bad was going to happen to Aang if he didn't do anything to stop the duo. So he commanded his Sky Trees to go in, keep the duo at bay, and rescue Aang.

He basically shows up later after Aang wakes up from his knocked out state and explains himself and his Sky Trees. He tries to stop Aang, however, he was stopped himself by a strange character named HoundDoom.

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