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Biographical information

Southern Water Tribe


15 (100 AG)

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color

Deep Blue

Personal information

Katara, Kaibi, Sokka, Southern Water Tribe


Fire Nation

Chronological and political information
First appearance

Broken Promises in Eyes of Katara

Sakuma was Katara's best friend among the childhood trio of Katara, Sakuma and Kaibi. He adored his peaceful life with Katara, but all that changed when he moved away and later claimed the lead of his tribe's village when the men left for war.


Sakuma's early years were the most cherished of his life. He was free to be who he wanted and make friends among a decent sized tribe bustling with activity. The first time he met Katara he was but a toddler when their families shared dinner with one another; as such neither remembered when they had first met, having known each other their whole lives.

After learning Katara had become the tribe's sole waterbender, Sakuma frequently encouraged her to practice the art. She quickly became acclimated to sharing all of her bending successes with him, receiving his cheers every time. Though he couldn't bend and had absolutely no knowledge of the practice, he would often pose to Katara the latest ideas he'd come up with for a possible bending move, though these frequently didn't do very much.

Due to his constant encouragement and presence with Katara, Sakuma became somewhat of an obstacle between her and Sokka on more than one occasion. This was often due to the fact he detested Sokka's sense of humor that occasionally rudely targeted Katara.

During the Fire Nation raid that changed his life forever, he caught sight of Katara racing for her home and attempted to follow her. However, he was stopped when his mother grabbed him up in her arms and carried him hurriedly to their own home.

He took his families' choice to leave personally, so far as to hide from them the day they intended to leave. All he managed was to delay their departure for a full day, leaving with a tearful goodbye with Katara - Kaibi had left with her family the day he was missing. Ever since then, all his humor died out, instead shifting to a duty driven warrior by his father.

And so, years later, he quietly held his head high, hiding his sorrow to be the exemplary son. All the while he yearned for the day he could reunite with Katara, finding he actually had come to have feelings for her.


At first, he did not spend much time warrior training or learning combat tactics, instead living quite frivolously enjoying his youth. He even learned a few novice waterbending moves with Katara, not that this did him any good.

After leaving with his family; he began performing his role as future leader for his family's tribal village. Here he did everything a rising warrior should; learning the art of the Water Tribe's weaponry, seafaring, survival, and tactics to name a few typical traits he took part in.


  • I derived the name Sakuma from many various words that are synonymous to friend and alone.

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