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"Defeat is a natural and acceptable part of being a warrior."
— Sakodi

Sakodi is a seventeen-year-old warrior from the Southern Peak Water Tribe. His father is the former chieftain Hakido, who has departed to serve with the Earth Kingdom military against the Fire Nation military, and his elder sister is the acting chieftess of the tribe, Kyasi.

Sokka with war paint
Sakodi Jai
Biographical information

Southern Peak Water Tribal



Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Machete, club, boomerang

Fighting style(s)



Kyasi, Hakido, Ain, Suki/Kyoshi Warriors, Hara, Obos Earthbenders, Sai

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First appearance

The Undesirable Destiny


Before the Series and Book One:

Sakodi was born two years after his sister, and has lived on the Southern Peak tribe's island for his entire life. He was primarily raised by his father, alongside his sister. He has received advanced training in hand-to-hand, blunt object, and machete combat. Sakodi was consistently taunted, teased and occasionally physically tormented by his elder sister, the waterbender Kyasi.

Sokka constantly felt the need to prove himself to his community due to his skills being overshadowed by his sister's leadership capabilities and strong waterbending. Sokka truly loves and admires his father, and above all desires Hakoda's pride in him. He often goes hunting offshore with his sister.

Despite her aggressive nature and the constant taunting from his sister, Sokka grew very close to Katara, and would instinctively jump in to defend her when she needed it, which she very rarely did. Sokka feels high stress to live up to his father's legacy and his sister's reputation, as he is next in line to be chief if she chooses to join their father in the war. Sokka has self-doubt over his dedication to the tribe, and whether he'd be willing to sacrifice himself for them, as he often claims to his sister.

Sokka has a sarcastic but good-natured sense of humor, and is very fixated on honor and pride. Sokka was reluctant to join Aang at first, but he, like his sister, relishes the opportunity to join the revolution against the Fire Nation. After departing the Southern Peak tribe with Aang and Katara, Sokka wound up joining the Kyoshi Warriors and developed a friendship with their leader, Suki.

After the destruction of Zuko's ship, Sokka realized that there was no longer any purpose in his absurdly complex escape plan, which involved impersonating Fire Nation soldiers, giant koi, and earning the trust of the firebender captain through an inspiring play. In frustration, Sokka destroyed the only written recording of what his plan entailed.

During the defense of Rhao Han, Sokka fought and incapacitated Fire Nation soldiers, to protect the townsfolk. Following their departure from Kyoshi Island, the group travelled north before reaching the FN occupied (but not colonized) town of Obos, where they met a local earthbender named Haru, who was on the run from the Fire Nation soldiers.

Katara took advantage of Haru's arrest in order to infiltrate the prison that kept the other earthebenders so that she could attempt to incite rebellion. Sokka began to develop a comradeship with Aang when the two took refuge together in Obos, to evade the wrath of the local Fire Nation soldiers. The two related well to each other's respective struggles with living up to the expectations of others.

Upon her revolution's success, Sokka, Miza and Aang reunited with Katara on the western coastline. The troupe proceeded to travel to the city of Omashu on foot. Once in Omashu, Sokka chose to scour the local military headquarters, where he was informed on the details of the neutrality agreement between the Fire Nation and Omashu and how it was responsible for the presence of firearms in the city.

Feeling that he could potentially bond with a Fire Nation soldier just as well as with a warrior of any other breed, Sokka found and began to converse with a youthful Fire Nation soldier that was temporarily posted in Omashu, named Enri. The two traveled the city's streets on the night following Katara's arrest. On the next day, the two concluded that they could improve relations between their cultures by promoting cooperation between the soldiers of the city and the Fire Nation. However, incited by the animosity expressed toward them by disgruntled Omashu citizens, the FN soldiers attempted to destroy civilian structures in protest. Sokka and Enri were forced to break up the riot, and parted ways soon after.

There are tensions between Sokka and Toph at the moment, at least on his part, due to the vast dissonance between their philosophies.


During his three week stay on Kyoshi Island, Sokka swiftly developed a friendly relationship with the chieftess of the warriors, Suki. This easily shifted into

Sokka and Suki kiss

A full expression of Sokka's and Suki's love.

infatuation from both parties, but the two agreed that it would be easier on them to at least attempt to let a friendship flow naturally into a deeper relationship. However, once Sokka had relayed the wisdom that Hakoda had imparted onto him to Suki, she lost hold of her patience and gave him an affectionate kiss on the cheek. Their bond is deeply rooted in their natures, as both are warriors that suffer through containing their pride and fulfilling their duties despite the high expectations of their respective peoples. They have deep respect for each other and find comfort in the humorous banter that they partake in. The two find comfort in each other, something that even the strongest fighter direly needs when facing war. The two strongly trust each other. Sokka's struggle over his self-perceived inability to lead is accentuated by interactions with Suki, due to her own successes as a leader.


Book One: Chapters 1 - 17, 20

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