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Hama's village
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Southern Fire Nation


Small Town


Elder Munni

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Our Story

Fuerta is a small town located in a mountainous region of the Southern Fire Nation. It is home to several villagers including Heng Gan, Saura, and Munni.


Sakiya is divided into four parts. The first part consists of mostly rock with little plantation. In the middle of this area, lies the town center. Most of the public gatherings are held here. The second part is a thick forest to the side of a few houses. The third is a small area where trees grow cherry blossoms. Lastly, there is a small river used for fishing.


Sakiya is one of the most productive villages in the Fire Nation. Lumber is gathered from the forest and fish are caught in the river. The town supplies the Fire Nation with numerous resources that they couldn't afford to cut off. Sakiya also provides healthy, young men and women for the military.


The central leader of Sakiya is the elder, Munni. He watches over the town with the help of a few council members. His wife, Mizele is the town nurse and is also very influential in the government. This form of leadership was disrupted when Admiral Ji Qing threw Munni in prison.

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