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By Vulmen Part of the Book Four: Energy continuity.
Biographical information

Water Tribe Air Nomads



Physical description


Hair color

Light Brown

Eye color

Light Blue/Azure

Personal information

Katara (mom) Aang (father)

Chronological and political information

Book Four: Energy, Water Tribe, Air Nomads

First appearance

Short: The Little Things

Sakira is an energetic, spirited young female who adores her father and mother, Aang and Katara. At her young age, her parents haven't yet identified whether or not she is a bender, or even if she is, what type. She lives with her parents in the Southern Water Tribe.


Nasty as it may be, she picks favorites. She loves her mother Katara, and desires nothing more than to be just like her when she grows up. For this reason, she openly admits her desire to be a Waterbender when she grows up. She's usually quite vocal, ready to say what's on her mind at a moments' whim. Overall, though, she's very calm and peaceful, extremely happy and joyous with her life considering the safe, loving environment that her parents have provided her in the five years of her life.


At the moment, this characters' only appearance is in The Little Things, which is for now a one-off that is not part of a larger series, a stand-alone work. However, later on this will be included in a larger story arc, Book Four: Energy. That being said, her page may likely continue to get more attention later.

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