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Biographical information

Earth Kingdom, Northern Water Tribe


11 years old

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

Light blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earth, Metal, Water

Fighting style(s)

Earthbending, Metalbending, Waterbending, Chi-blocking


Jinora, Kuzon, Ikki, Meelo, Korra, Bolin


Equalists, Amon, Tarllok

Chronological and political information

Member of the Beifong family

Saki is the only child of Talia Beifong and niece of Lin Beifong, as well as granddaughter of Toph Beifong. She is a rebellious and carefree girl with exceptional bending abilities. She lives alone on the streets of Republic City after her parents died two years ago.

Saki becomes best friends with Jinora and Kuzon, and the three experience a lot together, including the war of Republic City.


Saki was born to Toph's younger daughter Talia eleven years prior to Legend of Korra series. Her mother fell seriously ill during her pregnancy, which threatened her and the baby's lives. Talia's husband was from the Northern Water Tribe, and had brought spirit water with him from his last visit. He gave the water to Talia, and it cured her. Saki was born as a healthy girl.

When Saki was little, her parents noticed that she was capable of both waterbending and earthbending. However, she was only taught earthbending by her mother, until she mastered the element. But she wasn't able to learn much waterbending, as her parents were killed by a firebender.


Saki, after being unreasonably rude and mean to Jinora, becomes quickly friends with her. She meets Korra, who becomes her waterbending teacher, and Kuzon, who becomes her friend and partner in mischief.

Sometime afterwards, Saki and her best friends fight Equalists. Saki also is the only other person besides the Council assistant to see Tarrlok bloodbending Korra. She tries to follow them unsuccessfully, and so recruits Jinora and Kuzon to help. Even so, they are unsuccessful. Saki goes off with Kuzon to find Korra when Tenzin doesn't allow Jinora to take part in the search.


Saki's personality resembles her grandmother's - she is fiercely independent, sarcastic, direct, stubborn and confrontational. However, unlike Toph, Saki shared a close and understanding relationship with her parents, and losing them caused her to develop a tough personality while living on streets.

Saki cares deeply about her friends, partially because she fears losing them. Despite her many arguments with Kuzon, the two share interests and are good friends. Likewise, Saki is good friends with Jinora even though they have exact opposite personalities. Saki also has become friends with Bolin during the days he and his brother were living on streets. The two are "eartbender buddies", and tease each other sometimes.

Saki is carefree and adventurous, and a fan of pro-bending. She also is tomboyish and doesn't feel the need to fuss over her appearance. Unlike Toph, Saki shows respect to certain people, e.g. Mako, Tenzin and Korra .



Saki has mastered earthbending in its all forms. She was taught earthbending by her mother, who had learned everything from Toph, Saki's grandmother. Saki knows both traditional and modern techniques, though she prefers to use modern ones due to her enjoyment of pro-bending.

Saki, like the other female benders of her family, has also complete mastery over seismic sense, and is capable of using it despite perfect vision. Saki uses seismic sense constantly, as it gives a sense of security to her.

Obviously, Saki has mastered metalbending too. Unlike Lin, she doesn't favour it over earthbending, but does use it fairly often. Saki even has some of the metal wire used by the police force, which she carries on her belt.


Saki, being a "double-bender", is currently just learning basics of waterbending. Her father had only taught her a little bit before getting killed, which is why Saki favors earthbending. She is taught some advanced techniques by Korra, whom Saki refers to as a "top-notch waterbending teacher". With Korra's assistance, Saki begins to feel comfortable using waterbending, and does use it every now and then when facing chi-blockers . Because Saki is a bending prodigy, she masters waterbending within one or two months.

Saki did learn healing at a young age, and uses the ability once or twice to heal her and her friends' wounds.

Other skills

For someone who prefers to keep their feet on the ground at all times, Saki is very agile. She is capable of quickly dodging attacks and running on walls for a few seconds.

Saki has, through watching chi-blockers' movements closely, learned chi-blocking . She uses this against Equalists, and it gives her an advantage when fighting with a single bender.


  • Lao Beifong (great-grandfather)
  • Poppy Beifong (great-grandmother)
  • Toph Beifong (grandmother)
  • Unnamed grandfather
  • Unnamed father
  • Talia Beifong (mother)
  • Lin Beifong (aunt)


  • Saki is the world's first and only "double-bender".
  • Saki bears an appearance almost identical to Toph. This is because her mother looked a lot like her, but had long hair. Also, Talia had made Saki clothes that are identical to Toph's, whereas she used to wear Water Tribe clothing as a small child.
    • Saki's mother, Talia, had been a lot less serious than her older sister Lin. According to Lin, Talia was "extremely annoying and talented".
  • Despite being family, Lin does not make any allowances to Saki, but is harsh when the double-bender does the same thing as Korra - destroy the city when trying to help.
  • Although she is very violent at first for no reason, Saki feels sorry for it and goes on Air Temple Island to apologize to Jinora. Since then they spend some time together, and become friends.
    • Unlike with Kuzon, Jinora and Saki never argue.
    • Saki is friends with Skoochy .

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