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Toph, Aknur, Pallav, Ila, Kun, Kumaro, Aditi, Wei, How, Rin, Lo Gan, Hari, Sokka, Haruka, Earth Kingdom


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Chapter VII:The Fire Ruby

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Saif was born to the legendary Earth Kingdom swordsman Njord. When his father died in single combat against Piandao, Saif trained himself to fight him. While he stoped training to face Piandao when the war ended, he still held a grudge against him. His natural skill with a sword caused the police of the Earth Kingdom to recruit him. During his time on the police force, he pushed himself to be the best Swordsman in the Earth Kingdom to do his job best. Later, he was transferred into the Earth Kingdom army. While in the army, Saif fought off the army of the Phoenix Estates in The Battle at Ba Sing Se, and later the Battle for the Northern Mountains. After that, he and his troops scouted ahead to Gaipan, along with Toph, Ila, and Kun. In the army, he commands two archers, Aknur and Pallav, to execute his plans. When at Gaipan he fought, and was captured briefly, however Toph rescued him. Later, he fought in the Battle for the Seedy Pier. During the battle, he fought a large portion of the Phoenix Estates cavalry. When he was in the city he was shot in the arm, and taken out of the battle. After the battle, he and Toph agreed to lead troops to the Fire Nation to assist them in the war. While headin towards Ember Island, he heard Sokka mention the location of his father's killer. He got the help of a fisherman to take him to Piandao's palace. When there, he attacked him, and would have killed him had his father's spirit not appeared before him and told him that he had been killed by Zhao, and that even if Piandao had killed him, he would have done so honorably. He then returned to Ember Island and helped plan where to place various troops. He fought in the battle for the Fire Nation, and assisted Mai in a fight against two Phoenix Estates soldiers. He later fought in the retaking of Ember Island, and almost killed Bharato. He later helped organize the landing in the south. Later, he ordered Kumaro to lead an attack on a Phoenix Estates fort, so the fort would be unable to cause massive loss of life with the armies of the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom. Later, he sent Kei to scout ahead. When Kei didn't come back, Saif knew that the Phoenix Estates had gotten him. He sent Lo Gan, Kumaro, Rin, Wei, Hari, and Haruka to find out what had happened. He knew that there was a chance they would die, so he had them watched from above by several glider pilots, including Atenar, Altair, Hideki, and Aditi. He later fought to defend the Fire Nation-Earth Kingdom camp from the Phoenix Estates. When the army reached the Fire Nation jungle, he suggested that the army go around the jungle. He eventually lead majority of the army around the jungle and to Nov Sol. After That, he lead the army further north to Aggi, where they rescued Aang and Zuko's nearly defeated forces. He later traelled to Ba Sing Se to hunt down Bharato.


Saif is a very serious person, and has a no nonsense attitude, especially when in a serious situation, like a battle, as seen in the battle for Ba Sing Se.


Saif is a skilled swordsfighter, and has been able to prove so on numerous occasions. He is also a gifted strategist, as shown in the Retaking of Gaipan. Also in said battle, he was shown to have great skill in balance, as he could balance on a komodo rhino while it was running.

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