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"I grant you all the best of luck with finding a decent motel in this trash heap."
— Sai, to her newfound allies (Aang and the Jai siblings).

Sai Bei Fong is a blind seventeen year-old runaway, con artist, and master Earthbender.

Toph feels the earth
Sai Bei Fong
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Earth Kingdom



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  • Former: Xin Fu
  • Present: Aang, Katara, Sokka

Fire Nation, the law

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Con artist, Earth Rumble Fighter


Formerly: Earth Rumble

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The Runaway


Before the series and Book One:

Sai was born into a noble Earth Kingdom family known as the Bei Fongs, whose well-recognized family crest is of a flying boar. She was overprotected, and treated as helpless, while at the same time neglected in that she never had communicated with her parents beyond having dinner with them. As a result, she set her own moral code as very questionable and lax, despite her high intelligence.

Sai hasn't actually been physically blind since she advanced her Earthbending skills by studying the badgermoles that lived around her parent's vast property. She sees by detecting vibrations and movements of the earth through her bare feet. After mastering Earthbending soon after her eleventh birthday, she abandoned her comfortable and static life, eventually settling down in a small ghost town.

Recognizing that she needed monetary wealth to live on her own, but being too stubborn and independent to simply steal from her parents, Sai set out to make money in the ghost town. Discovering that an Earthbending tournament was being held, she signed up and dominated the competition under the moniker of the Runaway. She was the reigning champion for the five most recent Earth Rumble tournaments, and remains currently undefeated.

The Earth Rumbles were to the death, but the manager of the tournament decided that since she was underage, challengers to the champion only had to knock her out of the ring. Out of a sense of moderate sympathy, Sai usually just hospitalizes her Earth Rumble opponents, rather than mutilate or outright kill them. Two bounty hunters that were hired by her parents are currently attempting to track her. Aside from the reward for being reigning champion, she has set up a deal with the Earth Rumble manager in which he bets on her winning and splits the profits with her 50/50.

Sai is also a highly successful con artist, constantly ripping off various rigged gamble-based games by cheating with her Earthbending. Due to her isolated childhood, Toph is reluctant to trust people and very unsociable. She's also generally selfish, pragmatic and aggressive.

Her thin and seemingly fragile frame deceive those whom she has wronged, convincing them that she is not a physical threat, before she pummels them to near-death or death with her Earthbending. Sai is dishonest and deceptive, taking advantage of those who mistake her as weak at any opportunity. She has a strong sense of free will and is very independent, despising those who attempt to instill order and rules in life.

She expects to be able to abuse the anarchistic nature that is consuming the occupied Earth Kingdom territory when she finds a decent group to tag along with. When Sai attended the 99 ASF Earth Rumble tournament, Xin Fu informed her that she would be forced into retirement. Following her defeat of The Boulder and Wild Man in the Earth Rumble, she departed without a word to Xin Fu, with her attention having been stolen by Aang and his companions.

Following their recruitment of her, she was contacted by Xin Fu, who sought to have a private meeting with her before she left the town. At the rendezvous, Xin Fu was shot and killed by the Enforcers, a pair of corrupt police officers that were the only remnants of the region's law enforcement. Sai crushed one of the Enforcers with a boulder and fled with her newfound companions, on Appa.


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