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January 17th, 2011

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Safety Of Omashu is the fifth chapter of the fanon The Runaway


Finally arriving at Omashu, the two travelers face a welcoming party they didn't expect.


"You broke it again, didn't you?" a voice of an older man asked a young boy, who was standing in a large stone balcony located in the Southern Air Temple. The young boy looked back. The source of the calm older voice was a young looking male, brown hair and bald head. He had a monobrow and a long thick brown mustache; he wore a long orange robe and beads around his neck. His collar was yellow and underneath his orange robes, there were hints of yellow cloth. The boy was young, twelve or less, he was holding two small sticks, which seemed to have been one before but were now broken.

"I fell..." the boy commented, lowering his head and stretching the pieces of the staff towards the older monk "I'm sorry..."

"That's the fourth glider you've broken, Myaku, I know you enjoy gliding, but maybe you should try not to train yourself in such dangerous situations that you end up breaking your glider..." the monk took the pieces and placed them neatly in a nearby pot before turning to the boy again. "Maybe, you should attempt training your other abilities, young airbender?" he suggested as he came closer to the child.

"Not you too, Master Pasang... I've meditated at least twice today already!" the boy raised his hands and placed them on his bald head, shaking it in exhaustion. The boy wore orange and yellow clothes, similar to that of Pasang, but his weren't long, it seemed more like a simple tunic. "Besides, not like I'm good at airbending...."

"You can do anything, as long as you put your mind to it, young Myaku." Pasang commented, patting the child's head "Come, I'll teach you an airbending move, I call it- the air sphere"

The Wake Up

Myaku was woken up from his dream as his head slammed into the wood of the carriage after bouncing into the air. His eyes opened slowly and the first thing he saw was Taizo holding on tightly on a rope, looking at the path behind them, as they kept driving, more and more rocks were scattered. The sun had recently come up and was shinning brightly up in the sky. Myaku slowly got up, trying to get his eyes used to the light as the carriage waddled back and forth. Finally, the turbulence stopped and the carriage was going normally again. Taizo looked at Myaku, who finally caught his balance and stood on his two feet, holding his steel staff in his left hand.

"Wake and bake, baldy!" Taizo shouted through the carriage as he looked at the window behind them, where the carriage master was sitting and a view of Omashu was visible. "We're here" Taizo commented smoothly, leaning against the window and looking at the city as they drove along the stone bridge. Myaku came closer to the window and the old man gave a wave to the soldiers at the gate, they waved back and smiled at him, opening the gate for him to pass. One of the soldiers caught a glimpse of Myaku as they drove in.

"I've been coming here for years and being well known by the guards has its perks" the merchant commented as they headed for the nearest stable. As the gate slowly closed behind them, Myaku turned around, seeing one soldier dash through the gates and turn to the side, running somewhere. Both Taizo and Myaku looked from side to side, the wide streets of the massive stone city of Omashu were filled with people, Taizo marveled at the deliver system as they passed by it, the city with green roofs and stone buildings was wonderful. People seemed very friendly, most of them waving at the passing merchant. In a couple of minutes they arrived at a large building to which the merchant drove into. He came to a stop and both Myaku and Taizo jumped out, landing on their feet and starting to stretch.

"Wow that was tiring." Taizo commented and released a yawn, turning to Myaku "Well, I guess this is goodbye." Taizo turned around for the exit, but before he took even take a single step, ten soldiers entered the building, nine of them pointing spears in the direction of Myaku and Taizo. "Is this the welcoming party? Omashu is exquisite"


Taizo drew his jian and Myaku did nothing as the merchant drove off after the monk gestured him to. One of the soldiers, obviously the highest ranked of the group was walking with his hand on his sword; he stopped a couple of feet away from Myaku and Taizo. He seemed older than the rest, obviously a seasoned warrior. "I am Lieutenant Hatoshi of the Omashu Military, I am here to take you in pending an investigation" he spoke calmly, yet strictly, obviously not wanting to shed blood and simply trying to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.

"What are we being charged with, sir?" Myaku asked, taking a step forward as the men gripped their spears tighter. Myaku moved his palm in front of Taizo, gesturing for him to sheath his blade. Taizo glared at Myaku for a second before standing up straight and placing the blade back into its scabbard, which was on his back.

"You are being charged with the following crimes: The massacre of a sandbender colony by wildfire and an avalanche in the trade route leading to Omashu" he soldier responded calmly

"That's a load of –" Taizo was intervened by Myaku

"Sir, I assure you, neither of us had anything to do with the massacre of the colony or the fire" Myaku confessed in a calm tone, though slightly irritated

"We had received a message from our scouts in the area saying that right after the wildfire started a monk and a rogue left the area by glider and caused an avalanche for an unknown reason" his grip around the hilt of his sword tightened as he spoke "I must ask you to come with us, while this is being sorted out."

"We didn't do anything, it was the Fire Nation!" Taizo shouted and a couple of the men behind the lieutenant laugh.

"Fire Nation? This close to Omashu? Don't make me laugh..." one of the men commented as the lieutenant gave him a glare.

"I assure you two that this won't take long to sort out and in the meantime, I am to take you in, failure to comply will result in complete arrest." The lieutenant took a step back.

"Are we being arrested for this?" Myaku asked, lowering his staff.

"You are being taken to the palace prison until we can get accommodations for you two, after that you will be placed under house arrest until the investigation is complete." He gave a signal and the men surrounded them, but not offensively, but how a squad would surround an escort "Your weapons and personal belongings will be held by us, after the investigation is complete, you are free to take them back" Myaku gripped his staff as the man spoke, but hesitantly gave it to him. "Thank you for complying." Hatoshi turned his head to Taizo, who wasn't even planning to give him his jian.

"Dream on, do you know how much these things cost?" Taizo shouted, but Myaku shook his head in disapproval

"Well get it back as soon as this investigation is finish.... How long will that take?" Myaku turned to Hatoshi who answered nearly immediately "a few days at the most." As Taizo unwillingly threw his scabbard and sword over to the lieutenant. After that, the two of them were escorted to the royal palace and taken to a prison by some sort of special prison entrance, so they didn't get a grand tour. Their cages were simple squares with bars, they were small fit for only one person so they sat opposite each other. Taizo in one cage, with his hands tied over his head with chains and Myaku in another cage in front of him, with his hands chained in the same way.

The Prison

"Why is it everywhere I go, I end up in chains?" Taizo finally asked sarcastically "and I didn't even do anything... this time" he lowered his head.

"We'll be out soon enough when they realize that they made a mistake..." Myaku stated coldly, leaning his head against the bars and suddenly spoke "Someone's coming..." both of them turned to the door as it opened, a bulky soldier stepped inside. He was alone, it wasn't the lieutenant and he certainly wasn't with him when they got arrested. He closed the door behind him. He was dressed like all omashu soldiers and carried a sword with him. He walked up to Myaku's cage.

"So... this is it? The last airbender? To be honest I expected something more... no matter" he drew his sword "You have a large bounty on your head, monk, and I plan to collect it, I'll bring your corpse to the nearest Fire Nation camp."

Myaku looked straight at him, with a terrified face. "Who are you?!" he asked, trying to break off his chains with his hands, but failing.

"No need for names, I'm just here to kill you and take the bounty on your head."

"You're a bounty hunter." Taizo commented with a mocking tone "You guys are just sad, what? You'll stab us while we're chained in cages? Then what? Somehow get us out and leave the palace with his body? You're an idiot" despite the threat of death, Taizo seemed quite amused with the man.

Determined Yung

The angered bounty hunter

"Idiot? IDIOT?! Would an idiot have killed an omashu guard and snuck into the palace using his uniform? Go on, laugh, you'll be dead in a minute" he lashed out, turning to face Taizo.

"That's exactly what an idiot would have done" Taizo laughed. "You probably can't even take us on like a real man, face to face. I wouldn't even need to a sword to take you on, wuss." Myaku shook his head as Taizo continued to taunt him, they were about to die, their hands were tied, what could they do? But Taizo proved him wrong, some taunting went a long way. The bounty hunter went red with rage and slammed his sword into the cage lock, opening it and advancing on Taizo. He raised his sword and was about to cut the tied up rogue, when Taizo swept his feet. The man dropped to the ground, his sword fell next to him. Quickly, Taizo grabbed the blade with his feet and flipped it, slamming its tip against the chains, breaking them. The bounty hunter got up just as fast and grabbed his sword, sending a slash at Taizo which missed by an inch. Taizo jumped up, grabbed the roof bars, pulling himself up and while he was dangling he kicked the man straight in the face, sending him tumbling backward and slamming against Myaku's cage. Taizo quickly landed and rushed out of his cage, sending a kick at the bounty hunter, who side stepped and dodged it. The bounty hunter sent a couple of slashes with his blade, but Taizo moved back, avoiding them. Finally, the bounty hunter moved in closer and sent a slash from the right, which Taizo blocked with his armguard and slammed the bounty hunter in the face with his elbow, taking the sword from him as he tumbled back.

The bounty hunter fell to the floor, his noise was bleeding was his face was turning bright red with anger. He looked up and saw how Taizo slammed the tip of the blade into the cage lock and broke Myaku's cage, the slashed twice at the chains and broke them. He jumped up and rushed the rogue. Before he could even react, Taizo slammed the bounty hunter in the face with the pommel of the weapon and as he staggered back, Taizo sent the blade directly into his chest and left it there, the bounty hunter fell to the floor, dead. Taizo rubbed his hands together, as if cleaning them from dirt, like this as a mundane task for him.

"Amateurs..." Taizo commented with a smug expression, while Myaku stepped out of his cage.

"You killed him!" Myaku shouted

"So? He was going to kill us."

"You had the upper hand; you could have just restrained him." Myaku glared at Taizo, who didn't seem to understand.

"I don't follow..." Taizo admitted, rubbing his chin and before Myaku could add anything, the door burst open and four soldiers and Hatoshi rushed in. The soldiers readied their spears and Hatoshi took an earthbending stance.

Living Arrangements

"Get back in your cages immediately, the penalty for killing a soldier is immediate death." Hatoshi shouted as one of the soldiers lowered his spears and shouted

"Who's that?" he pointed at the pierced corpse on the floor. "I've served here for five years, I haven't seen him before." Hatoshi turned to look at the corpse

"What... no way, this man isn't a palace guard." Hatoshi commented and his face went pale as Myaku was quick to explain.

"He said he was a bounty hunter... after the airbender bounty." Myaku explained coming closer and raising his hands, indicating he had no intention of trying to fight or escape. Hatoshi looked at Myaku "Wherever Air Nomads go, trouble follows, I'd really enjoy it if you could leave now, but you're being placed under house arrest while the investigation is going on, come with us." Three of the soldiers and Hatoshi escorted Myaku and Taizo out while the other remained to get intruders corpse.

As they walked out into the street, an orange beam of light hit their faces, forcing the two recently caged men to cover their eyes for a moment, but as they kept walking towards the house, Myaku asked of the lieutenant. "So, why is the avalanche considered a crime?" his voice was curious as Hatoshi gave him a quick glance and answered in a very calm tone

"That avalanche buried an entire road, in fact, that road that it buried was the only safe road to Omashu, the quickest and safest route, one of the few routes that exist in fact. Because its gone, Omashu will go without provisions, without food, water or other supplies and we won't be able to supply the men at the western front, meaning that destroying that road just might cost us the war" as soon as the lieutenant finished talking Myaku gave Taizo a glance, but Taizo was inquiring of one of the soldiers if he knew where his jian was.

The two men were escorted into a small house with two beds not far away from the castle in the city. Though it wasn't big and had only beds, both Taizo and Myaku favored it over the cages. They each lay down on a bed and both quickly fell asleep, until nighttime. Nighttime was surprisingly quiet around here; there was probably curfew, because the streets seemed nearly completely empty. Myaku had woken up several minutes ago and had watched the streets of Omashu through their window, since they lived on the third floor; they got a pretty good view. Taizo was still asleep, muttering something about his jian to his dream. The monk climbed out of the window and sat on the green tiled rooftop, looking out into the horizon. This city was so peaceful that it gave him a chance to think everything through. Despite not being responsible for the massacre or the wild fire, they caused an avalanche that will cost the Earth Kingdom many lives and maybe even the war. Myaku was distraught about this and considered ways how he can undo what he has done. What was happening to him? A year ago, he would not have attempted to fix this, he would have just moved on. Maybe, for the first in a long time, Myaku saw himself among others, relying on them, just like when he was in the air temples. He lowered his eyes to the street and he saw a few people pass the building; he released a sigh and closed his eyes... relaxing....

"What are you doing..." an obnoxious voice came from behind and Myaku was thrown off, nearly skidding from the roof. He turned around and saw Taizo, standing straight behind him and giving him a look that nearly implied that Myaku was mentally insane. "It's cold and you're sitting around a rooftop with robes, insane." He eyed Myaku for a moment and then sat down next to him, gazing away into the streets and letting out a yawn. "This place is so dead..."
Inside Omashu

Omashu at night

"It's peaceful..." Myaku stated and gave a blank stare into the streets of the town, something obviously on his mind.

"Peaceful is just another word for boring." He dismissed and quickly changed the subject "I'd like to note, that without my sword I can't keep saving you, furthermore, have I mentioned how much it cost? It's an antique!" he complained and Myaku sighed

"They said you'll get it back soon enough, they won't break it, considering you sliced a mountain and it didn't break" Myaku noted and Taizo let out a sound of annoyance.

"You seem pretty calm for a monk who just got his glider taken; I thought you'd be more attached to It." he glared at Myaku and the monk said nothing for a moment.

"I'm... I'm used to losing them; I don't get attached to objects."

"You're used to losing them? Or are you used to breaking them? You're the first monk I've seen to carry around a steel glider, unbreakable?" his remark was smug and Myaku raised an eyebrow before asking

"And how many monks have you met exactly?"

"Good point..."

The two sat there for a moment, total silence until Taizo spoke once again "Well, this has been a fun day..." and Myaku eyed him curiously

"You kind of killed a bounty hunter... an unarmed one" Myaku noted.

"You kind of just sat there, complaining." Taizo added. Taizo smiled and Myaku smirked as well, the two of them locked eyes for a moment and Taizo added "Good times." Then he stood up "Well I'm going to sleep, we have a long day of finding my sword tomorrow... I'm serious, I need it" he jumped back through the window and Myaku sat there for a minute alone before muttering.

"I don't get attached..." before he jumped into the window as well, closing it behind him.


  • The Fire Nation forces have yet to reach even midway through the Earth Kingdom shore at this point, the Earth Kingdom, though barely is keeping them at bay.
  • Omashu is the currently the main trade spot in the Earth Kingdom.


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