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ABCLAF Logo This Kataang one-shot takes place in Bato of the Water Tribe.

Chapter Fifty-Seven: Sacrifice

He'll have to sacrifice things.

So many things.

He watches her sleep, aware that mere hours ago their relationship was in dire jeopardy. On the other side of the saddle, Sokka snores softly, his fingers twitching; Sokka is deep in slumber.

So is she.

He climbs carefully over the side of the saddle to kneel down next to her sleeping form; one strand of hair has come undone, and he brushes it from her cheek gently. He can still feel her lips on his cheek, and he glances down at the necklace once again in place around her neck.

Overhead, the moon is bright, and he cannot help but think of the Water Tribe traditions, of the moon and the ocean.

Of the moon . . .

And the ocean . . .


So close.

But the sky and sea couldn't be farther apart.

They're separated by the horizon.

By that dividing line.

His people are vegetarians; they do not eat meat, as all life is sacred.

Her people eat little but meat, for in the cold, green does not grow.

His people live in the Air Temples, their great spires reaching high in the clouds.

Her people live upon the ice, down low to the ground, down low to the sea.

His people believe that all life is precious . . .

Her people know that they must kill . . .

His people are pacifists . . .

Her people are warriors . . .

His people are extinct.

Her people are alive.

He will have to give up so much, so very much, just to stand a chance with her.

Just to possibly stand a chance with her.

"I love you, Katara," he whispers, his thumb brushing against her cheek so delicately, as if she is some sort of petite china doll.

As if he can break her just with his touch.

"I love you so much . . ."

Sokka stirs, and he freezes, his gaze snapping like a broken string to where Sokka lies.

He holds his breath.

Sokka lets out another snore and rolls over.

He sighs in relief, and his breath stirs her hair slightly. Just enough for him to tilt his head and smile, just enough for him to think.

He will give it all up, for her.

He will sacrifice his ways.

He knows he will.

He will give up everything, just to be with her.

A cloud passes overhead, bathing him in shadow, and he frowns. I'll have to move to the South Pole. The Air Nomads . . . they won't continue. I'm going to be the last person, ever, to be raised as an Air Nomad. Whatever children I have will be . . . they'll be raised partly as Air Nomads, maybe, but mostly as . . . He grins. Hopefully, mostly as Water Tribe.

He glances back at the glowing moon.

I'll give it up.

I'll sacrifice it all.

Just for her.


This chapter is so sweet . . .

He really will sacrifice everything. Here you go.

"A cloud passes overhead, bathing him in shadow, and he frowns." -> Reference to 102.

"Hopefully, mostly as Water Tribe." -> And not as Earth Kingdom. Ooh, Taang burn.

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