By Lord Caesar Part of the Avatar Ronin continuity.

The Saber-toothed Tiger is a large feline native to both the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation and is considered an apex predator in both regions.


The saber-toothed tiger mainly resembles an actual tiger in appearance. The exception is that it's more robustly built. It also has a small black mane on its neck and a bushier tip on its tail. The most notable features are its two long canine teeth, along with a very large biting force to catch prey.


Saber-toothed tigers are solitary animals, as they are able to hunt alone due to their large size. They only together to mate and produce cubs. They are very aggressive when threatened and are able to kill anything in sight to protect their prey and territory.


Saber-toothed tigers are a hybrid of the Amur tiger and the Smilodon. It has the appearance of a tiger and the muscular build and canine teeth of a smilodon.


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