By M1O Part of the Break the Cycle continuity.
"Ahaha, what's with this chump? He your big dumb muscle-GAH!"
"Big muscle, not dumb, thank you."
—Wirebones being forcibly corrected by Sabat

Sabat is a metalbender and former slave soldier from New Omashu. Despite a relatively large age difference, he became good friends with Hong and Sing and their family. At last questioning, his own family was apparently deported to another city. Although he became a soldier to avoid the conundrum of normal slave life, he eventually realized being a soldier was little better and decided to flee after failing to obtain emancipation.

He's the big quiet action guy, basically.

Early Life

Sabat was born in the Gaoling Underworks, a wretched hive of scum and villainy. He attempted to steal food from a patrol camp but was caught after several successes. Fearing for his life, his mother agreed to enter servitude along with the boy. The consequences have stayed with him since. After years of labor at Gaoling, they were "retired," and Sabat was traded to New Omashu while his mother was sent back to the Underworks. He had an aptitude for enforcement and became known amongst his peers as peaceable and lenient, but fair. As a soldier, he is trained in the use of armor and heavy combat, both melee and ranged, and has become an expert metalbender.

During his time at New Omashu, he became a good friend to many locals, including Hong and Sing's family, because of his good sense of judgment and fair policy. As he gets results, the Overseer's authorities did not particularly care either way. However, despite persistent attempts, he has been denied emancipation through regular means repeatedly and has been unable to establish meaningful contact with the world beyond the city borders. After a time and consulting various slave circles and other sympathizers, he decided to escape.

Character & Abilities

Sabat is an expert metalbender and the go-to guy for such tasks when the Avatar is occupied elsewhere but this is offset by absolutely no training in pure Earthbending. Even without metalbending, he is the strongest of the group physically. Like all other mature Earthbending slaves, his spine is augmented, and as a soldier he is equipped with personal armor which he puts to good use. He is very pragmatic and thinks a plan through before doing it, evidenced by the foresight of securing unarmored soldier uniform for his escapees to wear during their flight so that they could pose as couriers in their travels. Although he speaks little, he is very attentive and his silence is not an aspect of social ineptitude so much as simply choosing his words and timing carefully, although he isn't the most eloquent of speakers by a long margin.

Although Sabat seemingly gets along well with everyone, he has trouble expressing his trust and holds a somewhat gruff attitude towards people. This means that he is difficult to read to those that know little about him, which proves to be a boon on several occasions. He even has a backup plan that capitalizes on this in which he poses as a slave hunter, but he has yet to work out the ending details. He has a strong sense of duty towards his friends and people who he feels the need to protect, but can be difficult to reach and relate to otherwise.

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