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Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

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Earth Kingdom


Air Temple Island (formerly)
Western Air Temple


19 by Book Three: Change
22 by Book Four: Balance


152 AG

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Unnuk (husband)


Unnuk, Yanna, Tahina, Siyi, Vinina, Kya, Tenzin, Kai, Otaku, Ogomu, Air Nomads, Jae Mua


Zaheer, Kuvira, Red Lotus

Chronological and political information

Airbending master
Airbending teacher


New Air Nation

Saana was an Earth Kingdom citizen who developed airbending abilities during the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG. She would later marry Unnuk.


171 AG

Saana was born in the Earth Kingdom and developed airbending abilities shortly after Harmonic Convergence. Luckily for Saana, she was taken to Republic City before Hou-Ting began kidnapping airbenders around the Earth Kingdom for her personal army.

Saana arrived at Air Temple Island around the same time as Zaheer, under the name of Yorru. She spoke to Zaheer once, and he told her about his spirituality and connection to the Air Nomads, and assured her that she would reach it someday. After Kya's duel against Zaheer and his escape from the island, Saana and the other airbenders were questioned about what Zaheer had said or done during his stay there. Saana remained quiet about her encounter with Zaheer.

Saana spent a few nights travelling through Republic City while secretly learning to use an airbending staff until new airbenders began arriving.

Eventually the new airbenders were all moved to the Northern Air Temple, and Saana began her training under Master Tenzin. She became great friends with Vinina and Otaku. Using her experience with Zaheer, she didn't hold back against the bison rustlers and helped rescue Jinora, Kai, and the baby bison.

Saana was sparring alongside Daw, Kai, and three other airbenders when the Red Lotus attacked the Northern Temple and was unable to escape. Saana, like all the other airbenders, ended up Air Nomad caves and was freed by Team Avatar. Weeks later, when Tenzin revealed Jinora's mastery tattoos, Saana bent the smoke from the incense sticks behind her and guided them through the temple hall, tingling several wind chimes in recognition of the new master.

174 AG

Three years later, Saana continued with her airbending training, surpassing a number of new airbenders in her learning. While living under the tutelage of Master Tenzin, she was still having trouble adopting the pacifistic mentality she was expected to have. She was happy when she and another airbender named Ogomu were sent to Nan Uon, a town in the southern Earth Kingdom. A week later, Saana and Ogomu came across a clutch of firebenders who had escaped from one of Kuvira's detainment camps.

Returning to Republic City, she discovered that other airbenders had been reporting instances of detainees in the Earth Kingdom, and resumed her training, knowing that an attack from Kuvira and her army was inevitable.

A few weeks later, Kuvira and her army arrived in Republic City. Saana was atop a roof overseeing her arrival, and was shocked like the rest of the airbenders to see Kuvira's giant Mecha Tank. After President Raiko surrendered due to the overwhelming power of the spirit energy cannon that destroyed the United Forces' fleet in mere seconds, Saana, along with a dozen airbenders, aided in rescuing the United Forces troops as the fleet sank. During one of her rescues, she carried a firebender named Unnuk to safety. Along with Avatar Korra and the other airbenders, she attempted to slow down the advance of Kuvira's enormous mecha suit carrying a spirit energy cannon in order to give Asami and Varrick enough time to adapt the prototypes of the hummingbird mecha suits in Asami's office at Future Industries Tower.

She later attended the wedding of Varrick and Zhu Li, and danced with both Ogomu and Otaku. While most of the airbenders were back at Air Temple Island sleeping, she went down to the docks, where she came across Unnuk again, who was busy handling shipments from the newly repaired United Nation ships. Saana and Unnuk struck up a conversation, and Unnuk asked to take her out to dinner as a thank you for saving him from the sinking fleet.

Saana and Unnuk began their relationship after a few weeks, having bonded much stronger when she realized that Harmonic Convergence had given Unnuk his firebending. However Unnuk had to return to his duties in the United Forces. As Saana would have to return to her airbending training as well, they agreed to send letters and radio each other every change they had.

Less than five years later in 178 AG, Saana and a few other airbender students had finally mastered airbending, and received their Airbending tattoos. Saana was saddened that Unnuk couldn't make it, but was happy that her friends and family from the Earth Kingdom could make it. She later heard that Unnuk had been promoted to the position of general within the United Forces and would be on leave for at least a few months

A year later at the end of 179 AG, Saana, and a few other female airbenders, some of whom had also just mastered airbending, were sent to live at the Western Air Temple. Saana slowly adapted to living there, even becoming great friends with Jae Mua, an Air Acolyte. Saana soon received a letter from Unnuk, telling her that he would be leaving the United Forces. A week after Unnuk arrived at the Western Air Temple, he and Saana married.

Over the next 10 years, she and Unnuk had three daughters together, Yanna, who was a firebender, and Tahina and Siyi who were both airbenders.


During her earlier years and early training as an airbender, Saana displayed an outright headstrong personality and was among the more difficult students training under Tenzin.


Saana is an airbending master and is known to be very quick on her feet. During her first year of training, she was able to fly using both a airbender staff and a wingsuit. During her fight against some of Kuvira's earthbenders, she was able to block them inside an air prison.

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