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Breached Outer Wall
Fall of the Wall
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Fall of the Wall is the fifth and darkest installment to the critically acclaimed Super Cool Ultimate Avatar Hot Tub saga. The story is set right before the death of Fire Lord Sozin. Do not read if you haven't seen the episodes of the original series, Avatar: The Last Airbender.


After parting from Pakku, Iroh leads an army of Fire Nation soldiers to overtake the great city of Ba Sing Se in order to build a new version of the Super Cool Ultimate Avatar Hot Tub. The evil forces managed to break through the outer wall. Iroh also put on a shirt and dyed his hair black. Everything you ever wanted to know about before the original series will be revealed...


Part II: The Tale of Iroh

General Iroh

Iroh and his son Lu Ten captured an Earth Kingdom general who was in charge of keeping the outer wall safe. Before his capture, he pulled a knife on Lu Ten, who luckily managed to take it from him.

  • Iroh (mocking the general): Haha, you are defeated, join me now, and you too will be able to relax in the Super Cool Ultimate Avatar Hot Tub that your people will create in the center of the city when I overthrow you guys!'
  • Earth Kingdom General: Really, you will let me do that if I join you?
  • Iroh (laughing): Haha, no. But you can share a cup of victory tea before we hang you on the gallows!

As the two poured each other a cup of Ba Sing Se's finest tea, Iroh added a little bit of extra Fire Bending heat to warm it up, unfortunately it burnt the general's lips. This caused him to influence the king to make all tea in Ba Sing Se cold rather than hot, this is why several years later, Iroh remarked "more like the coldest tea in Ba Sing Se".

  • Lu Ten (holding the dagger): Hey, pops! What should we do with this Earth jerk's dagger?
  • Iroh: We should give that to your cousin! Hey buddy, what's this made out of?
  • General: Umm... metal.
  • Iroh: I'm going to say it's made out of pearl, sounds more expensive that way. What do these inscriptions say? I can't read Chinese, I only speak English.
  • General: Never give up without a fight.
  • Iroh (laughing): Haha, that's funny, you gave up right away without a fight! That's ironic.
  • Figure in the Shadow: Don't you mean Iroh-nic?'

As Iroh uncontrollably laughed, the figure walked out of the shadow. It was Master Pakku.

  • Iroh: Haha, you tell the best jokes... Hey, wait. What are you doing here? I thought you went back to the North Pole!
  • Lu Ten: Hey... jerk.
  • Pakku: Yes, but on the way there, I realized something. I missed the Super Cool Ultimate Avatar Hot Tub, I want it. I need it. It's a part of me now... hey who's this chump?
  • Iroh: Some general. Nothing much. The enemy I guess.
  • Pakku: Can I freeze him? I haven't frozen anyone in a while.
  • Iroh: Sure.

Pakku then froze the Earth Kingdom general. A little girl then came running up to the frozen man, she was his daughter.

  • Girl (crying): Daddy?
  • Iroh: Hey little girl. I'll unfreeze Daddy if you give me that doll you are holding.
  • Girl (wiping tears away): Okay.

The girl then handed the doll she was holding to Iroh, and Iroh used his fire bending to unfreeze the general, though a small bit of the fire went across the girl's leg. After Pakku healed her, the general and the daughter then left their sight as commanded by Iroh.

  • Pakku: Iroh. Why do you need that doll?
  • Iroh: For my collection

An awkward silence occurred for twenty-two seconds.

  • Iroh: I mean, for my nephew, Zuko.
  • Lu Ten: Don't you think Zuko would rather have the dagger? Don't be a dummy, dad...
  • Iroh: "I was going to give the dagger to Azula, since she is crazy.
  • Lu Ten: Yeah. But all girls like dolls.
  • Iroh: Good plan, I'll give the doll to Azula and the dagger to Zuko. Golly, my relatives will love me forever.
  • Lu Ten: Oh brother...
  • Iroh: So Pakku, will you help me overthrow the Earth Kingdom?
  • Pakku: What are friends for? Even though technically I am the enemy.
  • Iroh: That's no big deal, it's just a good old fashioned switch-a-roo. I teach a lot of people that.

As Pakku helped Iroh write a letter to send out to his brother and his children, Lu Ten sipped on a beer as he sat on the top of the outer wall. The Fire Nation general who was supposed to of left then came up to Lu Ten and offered to share his brownies with him as the sun set in the horizon.

  • General: You are looking sort of down right now. How come?
  • Lu Ten: My dad, we don't have a great relationship, he doesn't understand me. Not like you and your daughter.
  • General: You mean Song?
  • Lu Ten: Yeah, I guess. I don't want to be a soldier, but I have to follow his command.
  • General: What do you want to be?
  • Lu Ten: I always dreamed of being a baseball player, but being the stinkin' heir of the throne always got in the way.
  • General: Hey, listen kid, you can be whatever you want to be, you can do whatever what you want to do.
  • Lu Ten: You're right, I want to be a baseball player!!!
  • General: Say it louder, like you mean it!

Lu Ten then yelled out loud multiple times as it echoed and everyone in the outer wall could here.

  • General: That's the spirit. You can do whatever you want. Nobody can tell you different!
  • Lu Ten (hopping onto the ledge of the outer wall): You're right, I can do whatever I want, and I want to be a baseball player, and I want to be able to fly!

Lu Ten then attempted to fly as he jumped off the outer wall. He died soon after Iroh's message was sent. Iroh then had to write a new message.

  • General: Too easy. Alcoholic brownies go a long way.

They sure do... Iroh wept as a song came into his mind that he sang to his son when he was just a child.

  • Iroh's thoughts: Leaves from the vine... Falling so slow... Like fragile, tiny shells, drifting in the foam... Little soldier boy... Come marching home... Brave soldier boy... Comes marching home... Every day goes by... and I'm missing the boy of mine... My soldier boy comes home for me... My soldier boy makes me some hot fresh tea.
  • Iroh: I love you my son. If only I could of helped you.

Part II: The Tale of Ozai

War Room Palace

After learning about the death of Lu Ten, Iroh fled from Ba Sing Se. Once Ozai learned about this, he used it to his advantage and confronted his father to revoke his brother's birth right.

  • Ozai (kneeling before Azulon): Father, revoke Iroh's birthright. I am your humble servant, here to serve you and our nation. Use me.
  • Azulon (growing angry and enlarging the flames surrounding his throne): You dare suggest I betray Iroh? My first born? Directly after the demise of his only beloved son? I think Iroh has suffered enough! But you... Your punishment has scarcely begun!
  • Ozai: You always punish me! Why not punish Iroh for being a total wuss?
  • Azulon: No! You will do all of the dishes for now on! You will take out all the trash for now on! You will have to clean up my room for now on! And once you do that, I will mess it up again, and you will have to do it all over again! Your punishment will be horrendous than ever before!

Azula was hiding behind the curtains and began to cough.

  • Azulon (to Azula): I know you're back there... Come here little one.

Azula then walked in front of them embarrassed.

  • Ozai: Please, Azula... I can't have my only daughter listening in on these important affairs involving my relationship with your grandfather.
  • Azulon: Go talk to your brother. This meeting is for old people only.
  • Azula (walking out of the room slightly angered): Okay...
  • Ozai: I'm not that old.

Azula then entered Zuko's bedroom to taunt him due to boredom.

  • Azula (mocking voice): Dad's going to kill you! Really... he is.
  • Zuko (sarcastic and scared): Ha-Ha. Nice try.
  • Azula: Fine, don't believe me. But I heard everything. Grandfather said Dad's punishment should fit the crime.

Azula then quickly thought to her self what lie she should say next to harm Zuko.

  • Azula (imitating Azulon's voice): You must know the pain of losing a first born son. By sacrificing your own!
  • Zuko (mad): Liar!

As Zuko's face looked more worried, Azula became more proud of herself and her impressive skill at lying. As Azula carried on with her lies and harsh speech, her mother Ursa came in on them talking. She then called Azula aside for a talk. While they conversed, Zuko tried convincing himself that Azula is just a liar.

  • Ursa: Young lady! Tell me what you told Zuko!
  • Azula (lying): Nothing. Zuko just has a crush on Mai, that's all.
  • Ursa: Oh, you were just taunting him about girls?
  • Azula: Yes, that's all
  • Ursa: Well, at least he shows emotion. What boy do you like?
  • Azula: Boys my age are too immature... I'm more into older men.
  • Ursa: Young lady! You need to keep your eyes on boys your age. What about Chad?
  • Azula: Chad is younger than me. Besides... I'm into older men... like Zhao.
  • Ursa: Young lady! Zhao is a general, or captain, I forget the last time he was promoted. Ask your father, he should know. Besides, he is not your age!
  • Azula: Zhao is such a sweetheart though...

Their rather strange conversation lasted until night time as Ursa gave her a lecture on men and dating. While they were wrapping it up, a Fire Nation guard came in to inform Ursa some news.

  • Guard: I am a Fire Nation Guard! I have to inform you the terrible news... Fire Lord Azulon is hurt, he fell down a staircase. His back his aching, his leg broke, and blood is everywhere. I don't know what to do!!!
  • Azula: Maybe helping him up would be a start.
  • Guard: No, he wants you Ursa!

Ursa, Azula, and the Guard ran hurriedly to the scene of the alleged accident, only to find Azulon dying on the floor with Zuko's knife stabbed into his chest.

  • Azula (to the guard): If he fell down some stairs, why is there a knife in him?
  • Guard: He fell on the knife. People should stop leaving things on the ground and clean up their messes after they're done.

Azula took the knife from his chest and ran away to get medical assistance. Ozai then walked into the room, only to see Ursa next to his dying father.

  • Ozai: What did you do?
  • Guard: She tried to kill him! I saw her with both of my eyes!
  • Azulon (whispering softly): Help. That's not what happened.

Ozai just heard "That's what happened" due to Azulon's soft tone of voice.

  • Ozai: That's it, get out of here. You're banished!

Azula then came back with a sheet of paper and an ink pen as instructed by her father. Ozai handed the paper and pen to his father and told him to sign the medical release. Once he did, Ozai noticed that it was not a medical release, but an agreement to allow him to become Fire Lord and revoke Iroh's rights to the throne.

  • Ozai (whispering in Azula's ear): Nice one.

Azulon then died. Ursa entered Zuko's bedroom for the final time before parting. Zuko woke up and found his father by the turtle duck pond.

  • Zuko: Where is she?

Ozai stood there staring off into the sunrise.

  • Ozai: Zuko... my son. Your world will soon change before you for. The time has come. The time for Super Cool Ultimate Avatar Hot Tubs. The time has come my son, the time has come.
  • Zuko: So... where's mom?

Who is responsible for the murder of Azulon? Why did the guard set Ursa up? What's next for Iroh and Pakku? Where did Ursa go? Find out later on Super Cool Ultimate Avatar Hot Tub!


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