By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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SCP-682 is a very large, reptilian animal from the SCP Foundation. He is extremely deadly and, unlike most of the other deadly SCPs, he is not scared of the high-ranking members, including Slenderman himself. He is powerful and is not afraid to attack or even kill the other SCPs and members that bother him too much. As described by Dash, He doesn't take kindly to any of them, as he nearly rips out Dash's hair on one occasion.

Avatar: New Universe II

682 first appears in his usual cell in the foundation, over in the corner of his cell when Smile Dog and Ghost arrive. Of course he acts rather threatening to the duo as they ask what he wanted to eat. He doesn't take the usual cow they mainly give him, which scares the duo, as he requests Toph instead. He pretty much forces them into agreeing, despite their doubts, and goes back to his corner to await his meal to arrive.

When Toph was brought into his cell however, he immediately began laughing, seeing how desperate the SCP workers really are as to please him. The meal requested difference was just a test to see so, and it worked. Despite this, he planned to eat Toph anyway, but was beaten by Kaibutsu.

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