By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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S.C.P Foundation

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Eye color

Black, green

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173 (chapter)

173 is a human-sized, living statue that resides in the SCP foundation. It has a horrid face, green eyes above small black eyes, a mouth looking more like a cut. It also has very stubby arms and legs. Despite all of these facts, it is very quick, but only if it isn't in direct sight. It often has random signs it constantly changes every single time someone blinks. Either they are simple words or pictures. If unable to be watched full-time, it'll break the neck of whoever it wants to. it is proven to be extremely powerful.

Avatar: New Universe II

Arc 3

173 first appeared rather oddly. When Zuko looks outside his cell, he sees 173 peering into his cage just before HoundDoom shows up. It suddenly shows up later and accidentally knocks Mas y Menos back. The statue ends up frozen by HoundDoom but manages to break out thanks to Menos. It turns off the lights so it can break HoundDoom's neck. It explains the route to them through its pictures and met up with them after freeing Starfire and Ty. It suddenly pops up by the exit, locking the guards inside so the escapees can get out.

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