By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
Ice ship

S.S Ultimate

The S.S Ultimate is a large ship made purely of permafrost that was created by Katara, Aang, Weed and Starfire. The vessel is about as large as the usual Fire Nation vessels back in the Avatar Universe, but this ship requires no fiery or burning substances to operate. The movement for the ship is mainly by a waterbending method of jet propulsion, gaining movement by flowing water.

The ship is made entirely out of seawater ice, inside and out. The creation of the S.S. Ultimate was mainly a fluke when the group realizes that they didn't actually have a real ship to use to go across the sea to find Raviente. To create the ship, Katara and Aang start off by making a gigantic ice orb. Next Weed came in his ultimate form and carved out the outline. and finally, Starfire came in and destroyed the unnecessary ice, thus creating the ship.

Unlike normal ice, the ice used for this ship can't be melted by heat exposure, so not only does the ship avoid any damage, it also keeps a cooling temperature of the interior for the passengers. Also this freezing ice is extremely durable, more so then average metal.

The only weakness of the S.S. Ultimate is the water level. due to its large size, it must be docked at least 50 feet from the shoreline, otherwise it will be unable to move due to the lack of water flowing for propulsion, and the great weight being rested on the shore.

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