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S.C.P, standing for "Secure. Contain. Protect." is an organization of mutants, and spirits involved in alternating the Spirit Council's creations and worlds into other more stranger, and scarier worlds. They are also the main antagonists group against the Titans, Freedom Fighters, and Team Avatar. It all began when Slenderman himself was banished from the council for all his deformities he slipped into other worlds. This of course made him outraged, and after a long time decided to make his own group. He made the S.C.P Foundation from scratch in his own universe and started his business there. The place is open to whoever wants to become apart, which was surprisingly a lot.


(those not shown)

Some of the members shown are actually creations made by the other SCP creators.

  1. Sky Trees are one of the first to be made. however they had managed to escape to another world, unintended by the group so it is unclear as to where they ended up.
  2. SCP-173 is another, more deadly creation of choice. It can move very fast and kill easily but freezes where stared at, only able to communicate by painted signs that seemingly pop up in front of it.
  3. Mojos are a creation made by Smile Dog V.2 as an attempt on creating an insanity being. most of the SCP, including the creator, don't like them very much anymore due to their antics. Slenderman himself is the only one who appreciates them.

While some members fully stayed, some actually left the SCP later on due to their own reasons. Kyd Wykkyd for example left because of what he found out about Slenderman's horrid past.

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