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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: Perfection.

By Kotonne Part of the Avatar: Perfection continuity.
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Ryuu is a fourteen year old firebender and the main protagonist in Avatar: Perfection who lives in the Capital City with his father, mother and younger sister.



Ryuu was born in the year 65 AG in the Capital City of the Fire Nation. There he was raised by his two parents, but mostly by his mother, as his father worked constantly in the Royal Procession for Fire Lord Azulon. His younger sister, Yula was born in 70 AG. Ryuu attended traditional Fire Nation school from a young age and was also trained by his father to develop his firebending. His father put him through intense and strict training, so that by age 12, he was one of the most capable firebenders in his age group. Like any other young boy, Ryuu was taught to love and respect his nation and government, which he did wholeheartedly. Not much else is known about Ryuu's childhood other than that he grew up oblivious to the destruction and pain the Fire Nation was bringing to the other nations.

The Earth Kingdom Girl

On the day of his fifteenth birthday, Ryuu arrived home late in the afternoon to find a small fire cake on the table with a note from his mother and sister wishing him a happy birthday. Finding no one currently at home, Ryuu leaves and decides to take a walk in the forest, just out of the Capital's grounds. While walking there he encounters and nearly attacks an escapee Earth Kingdom girl, Lia, who is bruised and burned. Ryuu is at first hostile and questions her, but eventually offers any help. She denies, retorting that she'd never accept help from any Fire Nation boy. Confused, Ryuu leaves.

The next day after school, Ryuu returns alone with food, water and bandages. Lia's condition has worsened, and so not without complaining, takes the supplies from him. She explains a little about how she is an earthbender and how she managed to escape her town in the Earth Kingdom after the Fire Nation came and took it over. Ryuu doesn't believe this, and asks why the Fire Nation would ever attack so violently, thinking the Earth Kingdom town must have fought back. Lia laughs at this and shakes her head, explaining that they were relatively defenseless. The Fire Nation soldiers were capturing any earthbenders and putting them on ships, and she'd managed to get away. Ryuu gets a bit angry, out of disbelief, and accuses Lia that she is lying. The two argue before Ryuu gives up and leaves.

When returning home, Ryuu grows curious and begins to ask his parents about the Fire Nation's military tactics and raids on the Earth Kingdom. They seem surprised and tell him that it's not his place to ask. The next day Ryuu decides to try to find out for himself at school.


Ryuu is a well-behaved, polite boy. He follows the rules and studies hard both at school and when training to develop his firebending. At first he shows great respect and love for the Fire Nation and Fire Lord, but this begins to change as he starts to learn the true nature of their ways. When educated by Lia and other people from other nations, Ryuu slowly begins to resent, and then hate the Fire Nation, and partly himself for being a firebender.

Once he leaves his home, Ryuu begins to grow more independent and more open to new ideas. He isn't afraid to rebel, and wants to show the Fire Nation that every nation is just as powerful. He grows much more friendly too, and defensive when he's treated unfairly for being a firebender. His relationship with Lia is understanding for the most part, though he gets that he'll never feel exactly what people like she feel, concerning what it's like to be an outsider or enemy from the Fire Nation. He displays empathy and kindness after he grows and learns about the other nation and their own cultures.


Ryuu stands about 5'9 with dark brown hair that falls just above his amber eyes. He has lightly tanned skin. The majority of the time Ryuu wears his hair down, rather messy, but when at school or other events, will wear it in a topknot much like his father does. He wears traditional Fire Nation clothes until he leaves, and wears more black Earth Kingdom clothes to disguise his identity.



At his young age, Ryuu is a capable and decent firebender, and his skills increase over the course of the story. Though at first proud of his talent, there are times when traveling when Ryuu attempts to hide his bending out of shame.

Young Sozin firebends

Ryuu practicing his firebending

Towards the beginning, we see Ryuu is put through considerably harsh and even dangerous firebending training by his father, an elite bender. This has been going on ever since Ryuu reached the age of ten. Though far from mastering the art, Ryuu shows a considerable amount of skill over his classmates when it comes to firebending.

At first he is taught to use his firebending offensively, but Ryuu begins to come up with more defensive techniques as well, which help him overall protect himself when he is considered a traitor to the Fire Nation.


- Ryuu's name means dragon in Japanese

- It is mentioned that Ryuu was named after the first firebenders in hope that he would become an elite firebender like his father and serve the Fire Lord.

- Like many members of the Fire Nation, Ryuu enjoys spicy food. He also loves meat.

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