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Ryu is an 16-year-old boy and the Avatar after Korra. He and his family live in Omashu. He is a kind and gentle boy but sometimes very violent and brutal.


Ryu was discovered by the White Lotus in Omashu. Aang tasked Roku to talk to Ryu telling him he was the Avatar. He has mastered earthbending and is currently being trained by General Ozai.

Spiritual Connections

Ryu is a spiritually gifted Avatar able to establish spiritual connections with any spirit. She has established a connection with Yue after she visited her when she felt down. Yue offered Ryu a moon stone. A stone that is able to call Yue at will. He can establish connections by simply making contact with them, e.g. she talked to Kyoshi and has established a spiritual link with her. Spoilers(Ryu will be able to make a spiritual connection with Aang, Korra Roku, Kuruk and Yangchen.

Spiritual State.

He is gifted with the spiritual state. The state allows him to gather the knowledge of one specific Avatar, much like the Avatar State but with only one Avatar. Unlike the Avatar State you cannot be killed the spiritual state unless a disruption in the Spirit World causes the Avatar in manifestation to leave the body.

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