By Twilitlink Part of the Avatar: The Last Energybender continuity.
Biographical information

Soutern Water Tribe



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice
  • Ice Sword
  • Ice Daggers
  • Ice Sheild
  • Traditional Water Tribe weapons
Fighting style(s)


  • Water Tribes
  • Air Nomads
  • Choy
  • Fire Nation
  • Earth Kingdom
Chronological and political information
  • Recruitment Officer
  • Warrior
  • Tracker
  • Head Recruitment Officer for Air/Water Alliance
  • Student of Master Wen

Air/Water Alliance

Ryu is the head recruitment officer for the Air/Water Alliance, and Choy's greatest rival.

Training Under Master Wen

When Ryu was around ten he was sent to the Fire Nation to train under Master Wen. For the first two years of his training he was distinguished as one of Wen's strongest student, he used his Waterbending to form the weapons he used from ice. Ryu excelled at all of his courses, not a single student could compete with him. But Ryu was far too prideful, and Master Wen couldn't teach him humility, aside from beating it into him, but Wen felt that another student had to defeat Ryu, it was then that Choy arrived at the academy. When Ryu left the academy, Master Wen decided to teach him how to use one of his secret techniques. The Path of the Wave. Ryu used this technique many times in combat when he joined the war effort.


After Ryu spent two years training at the academy a new student arrived, a young boy named Choy. For the first three months Ryu ignored the new student. It wasn't until Wen had him spar with the boy that he even noticed him. Ryu expected Choy to be an easy opponent, he was wrong. Despite Ryu's greater experience, he just couldn't put Choy down for the count. Choy was able to match Ryu move for move. Ryu was both impressed and angry that the youngest person at the academy was able to go toe to toe with him. The sparring macth ended in a tie, Master Wen had to stop it before the two killed each other, and Ryu and Choy had been friends and rivals since that that day. Wen often pitted Ryu and Choy against each other in order to keep Ryu humble and respectful.

When Ryu finished his training he told Choy that he was going to use his training to help end the war, Choy voiced a similar wish. The two knew that they would meet each other on the field of battle, so they made a promise to give each other an honorable battle when they met again.

Fighting in the War


The rivalry between Ryu and Choy was based on the rivalry between Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow from G. I. Joe

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