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Ryoushin Takashi
Biographical information
Birth place

Small Earth Kingdom town, occupied by the Fire Nation


None(Currently roaming)



Physical description

Somewhat muscle





Hair color


Eye color


Personal information

Swordmanship, Firebending, Earthbending


Unnamed Father, Unnamed Mother, Jigoku(Younger brother), Tentsuki(Younger Sister), Kaiuki(girlfriend)

"My family, my city, my friends, Kaiuki...Goodbye."
Ryoushi Takashi was born in a Fire Nation royal family and he is the Main Character in Avatar:The Twin Fangs


Born to a Fire Nation Noble family, prier to Aang's return, his father was mayor of a small Earth Kingdom town. Unlike the rest of his family, he didn't like his life in the small city and wanted to see the world. On his 13th birthday, he went into the city and was attacked by enraged Earthbenders who were going to use him to get the mayor to release there city, however, the leader, an earthbender named Quai Gonchi, told them to let him go, grateful for his help, Ryoushin declared when he became mayor he would not be a tyrant like his father and rule peacefully. Quai Gonchi, happy with the boy's promise, decided to teach him earthbending.

Avatar's return and the Twin Fangs

Upon hearing that the Avatar had returned, Ryoushin left his home and everything else in order to help Aang defeat the Fire Lord. During his journey, he met a pair of traveling monk who, at the time, were carrying a black case, holding with in them the "Twin Fangs of the Gods" before the monks reached the temple they were both killed by the Rough Rhinos, who attended to take the fangs. Ryoushin took them and ran away from the Rhinos. He hid in a small hole, north from where the Rhinos were and he waited until they left before leaving with the Fangs. Ryoushin swore to use the fangs to help the Avatar, in any way he could.


Ryoushin is rude, control freak and very distend. Ryoushin isn't the nicest of people and his not someone you'd want to anger, but he is very loyal to his friends and hates seeing those who can defend themself's be attacked. He has a strong hatred in his heart for the Rough Rhinos, for killing the monks in cold blood. He also hates Fire Lord Ozai for staring the war and putting the world in the sorry state it's in. Ryoushin does not like to see others surfing under the rule of the Fire Nation, which is why he attacks and frees any Earth Kingdom towns under Fire Nation rule he comes across.


  • The names of his swords are named after his baby brother and sister.
  • Unlike most of the Avatar characters, the name of him and his family are Japanese.

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