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Running Out
At some point, you run out of both luck and places to hide
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The Legend of Korra

This is my entry for the 11th round of the Fanonbenders fanon contest. This means that it will be about LUCK! Only not in a good way.... (or is it?)

This one-shot may be very, VERY short, but the length doesn't matter. It is written in the second person.


While staying in his 'room', Bumi thinks about how he ended up in this place, and what choices he made that gave the end result of where he is now.



Destiny is a good thing to accept when it's going your way. When it isn't, don't call it destiny; call it injustice, treachery, or simple bad luck.

Joseph Heller

Running Out


Laying on your bed, looking at the sealing. Thinking about what you have been doing. Thinking about the choices you have made. Not the best choices were made, because otherwise the situation would be very different. Looking back at your old life, thinking about what went wrong on that single night. When they appeared and took you. When you screamed as hard as you could, but when nothing came out. When Aang and Katara would see their non-bending son for the last time in 25 years. Oh, what you would offer to return. Sadly, it didn't happen.


One army, lots of ethnicities. That is where they took you. A soldier at first, you needed to man up and fight. Literally and figuratively. Stayed in it for 25 years. Would be visited by Tenzin and Kya if they could, but they couldn't. You lingered, but tried to escape when the opportunity was present. That is what you did. If only that night would go better....


One night. Two hours usable. You pushed away the furniture, and look at the tunnel you dug. The sloppy tunnel you dug; sharp edges, more squared then round, and only 200 meters long. But you know, what else do you want when you can only dig with a fork? So you shook off the criticism made by yourself and you started to crawl into the tunnel. 200 meters in two hours, would be possible, right? Right you were, but when you came out of the tunnel, the situation wasn't like you imagined. You tried to sneak past the guards, and succeeded for the most part until you see that typical army dude: broad shoulders, firm posture and THAT HARD VOICE THOUGH! You decided to escape, and you actually did!


Stayed out of their reach for 2 months; you tried as hard as you could, but they found you anyway. Travelled all over the world, but it did no good. Started running from them, but you were out of luck and room. They trapped you, and before you knew it, you were in the usual spot you have been in when you stayed in the army; your 'room'. So you are now, while looking at the sealing.


You would run, only not now, not tomorrow or next week. No, you would run when the time came. And that time came 24 years later. Another opportunity, and you actually succeeded with an escape plan. Nothing too fancy, just the old run and distract. When you were running, this thought roamed through your head:

Looks like my luck didn't run out after all.

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