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第五天 杏月, 三年後 偉大的彗星 - Day 5 of the 2nd Month, 3 AG

Perhaps I will go meet her and her sist... No... Where do I even look for her... But I guess she was right... I am special. I am the last Airbender.

This thought still echoed in my mind.

The last Airbender.

I woke up wondering who she was, that woman, my mind a cacophony of thought. What by the spirits did she mean? How would I know where to find her? And why... Why... What happened to me? This mental ghost seemed eternal... What happened yesterday? Why was I so... Happy? I still wonder. I still wonder if perhaps it was her... Those eyes...

But either way, it doesn't matter now. I should try to forget what happened. I did try, I couldn't... I still can't. It's troublesome...

Like I said, I tried to forget but I couldn't. I decided that I had to start moving, staying here after what happened in the market place was too dangerous and it still is, but something was trying to keep me here. I don't know what it was but tried to give it no mind, and so I set out for who knows where.

The skies were still ever grey, what seemed to be sunlight trying to creep into the day had quickly abated. Small droplets of rain fell out of the dark sky, but the sky was yet unsure, still trying to decide between a light mist and a thunderous downpour. The ruins of Taku were now starting to vanish past the horizon, I didn't really know where I was going... I was just thinking.

I started thinking about my childhood, or at least a few years back...

Being raised an Air Nomad, I never knew my father or mother, I hated the monks for it, for their whole way of life. There were so many occasions when I found myself running away to the small Air Nomad towns in the lower regions of our mountains. I spent so much time in those places just looking for my parents. Of course he knew where to look for me and found me with regular ease. I spent so many days and nights just thinking, thinking of how, one day, I will be old enough to leave the temple and start a family of my own. I wouldn't send my children to a temple like many others, no, I wouldn't...

I still remember him. He was the closest thing I had to a father, sometimes I even found myself wondering if maybe he was my real father. It's only now that I realize that I was foolish to let my mind slip down such a chain of thought. A father wouldn't betray and attack his own son! I don't think I'll ever live to see the day that happens...

But still... He was still my friend...

"Ai! Ai where are you!" I remember him calling.

I was hiding behind some crates near a dock in Panu, a small Air Nomad fishing town. I was seven at the time.

"Ai!" He didn't sounded angry, no, he sounded furious.

I remember clutching my legs close to my body as I cried. I didn't want him to find me. I didn't want to go back... As I compressed my body into a tighter ball, I accidentally knocked over the crate. I tried to run but it was futile. He grabbed me from behind, constricting my movements. I thought I was in very deep trouble, but instead he sat me down on one of the crates. I remember his eyes... They were already so cold...

"Ai... I don't know what I'm going to do with you..."

But of course he knew... He was going to murder us all and leave me to die... Alone.

I remember the day they all died...

I don't want to remember any more...

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