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The Faceless
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The Faceless is a menacing persona and an enemy of the Avatars. As of 398 AG, he formed a cult of followers to kill the Avatar.


Aang meets Koh

The dangerous and ancient Koh was the reason this being is called 'The Faceless'.

An ancient Winter Spirit named Ruh, he served Koh. This mysterious being often took the form of humans when traveling the physical world. At some point he suffered his master's wrath and lost his face to the infamous Spirit.

Ruh has since vowed to kill not just the Avatar, but all Avatars. It is unknown for what reason he wants to kill the Avatar. He has hidden in the shadows waiting for the right time.

Emerging as the enigmatic leader of a radical cult of people seeking the death of the Avatar. This emotionless warrior has won the hearts of the oppressed and focused their hatred on the Avatars, who have upheld the world order.

The Faceless seeks an overthrow of the world upheld by the benders though not for hatred of bending itself. The Faceless and his cult have spread throughout the world, waiting for their master's command to strike.


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Ruh is often aloof and detached.

As a winter spirit, his abilities largely derive from waterbending and similar abilities. He has a unique form of bloodbending that seems to be unbreakable. He can freeze any object with contact and start winter storms and weather at will. His abilities are far superior to anything that a human would have, and his ability to fight is on par with an Avatar (not fully-realized, though).

At the same time, he appears to have wind-related abilities, including the ability to fly and move at speeds beyond human limits despite his lean frame, which might be teleportation.

Ruh is strongest at the winter solstice on account of the fact that the spiritual lines of the world are blurred and his environment is enhanced through the weather. Ruh can energybend along with his winter-based powers, though he uses it as secondary to his primary abilities.


The Faceless has a cold and detached demeanor. Because of his condition, his sense of perception is different from people and he will often not face those he speaks to. The only time it seems that this enigmatic being can raise his ire is when it involves the Avatar, who he hates above all.


  • This character wears a mask because his face was stolen by Koh.
  • The Faceless' mask is made of a special material.
  • Ruh is soul in Turkish.
  • Ruh wears a light grey shihakushō and hakama with blue lining to denote his water affiliations. On top of this, his belt has a waterbending symbol.

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