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January 3rd, 2011

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This is the first chapter of the fanon series The Runaway


Two years after the beginning of the Great War and the Air Nomad Genocide, Air Nomads have become the targets for bounty hunters and Fire Nation soldiers. Many people believe them to be extinct, while others claim that some of them are still alive. Among them: The Avatar. This story begins in a dark cave...


Myaku found himself waking up in a dark, dry and small cave somewhere he had no recollection of visiting. It was dark and had it not been for a small burst of light, coming from the direction of a viable exit, Myaku would not have been able to see anything. He stood up, revealing himself to be wearing monk like clothing. Black pants and a black over shirt with a blue sash wrapped around his waist, tightened by being wrapped around his shoulder and tucked into his back. His robe was tightened around his forearms with tightly wrapped pieces of white fabric and his head was shaved bald. He was a tall man in stature, easily standing about 6'0 in height. As he stood, he wiped the dirt and dust off him walking forward in a haze towards the light of the bright torch which was hanged on the wall in the hallway. Don't be confused though, this entire structure was a cave, and it was revealed by its cave like appearance of battered and rough walls of stone.

His sandals sunk into the hot sand as he exited what appeared to be his cell, but it was unlocked for some reason. Try as he might, Myaku did not remember how he came to be in this cell, and more or less he did not remember where he was. He took a few steps to the right looking to each direction. To his left was total darkness and to his right was a long hallway leading to another source of light, a torch no doubt. Myaku followed the light, it was indeed a torch, and he continued to walk the long corridor until it became a dead end. However, there was a curtain that covered an entrance to a room to his side, so he opened the door to find another room lined with torches and more entrances and exits. This had to be some sort of massive tunnel complex. Myaku took a step forward and only then did he notice the two dead bodies on the floor.

They had deep large stab wounds and they were dressed in garb that Myaku recognized. Wrapped beige and white robes, one of them was wearing a rag around his head. These were no doubt Sandbenders, which would explain the massive complex filled with sand and his surroundings. Myaku grabbed his head. It was buzzing from pain. He couldn't remember how he got here, no less why he was locked up in a cell. Regardless of the situation he could not remember, he knew he didn't want to stay here. Someone was out there killing Sandbenders and it probably wasn't the safest place for an Airbender to be hanging around. He left the room and headed to the closest door he could find. In all honesty, he wandered for about an hour, passing more dead bodies and often finding himself walking in circles in the big complex, however when he eventually found himself entering a large circular room he had not been in before, he was happy to be making some progress. However, what he did not expect was what would happen next.

The Rogue

He heard someone say something and immediately jerked up and straightened his stance. His liquid gray eyes stared into the darkness. As he took a slow step forward a voice echoed, "What, did the Sandbenders get a sense of style while I was in here?" The rustle of chains was heard. Myaku took a torch off one of the walls, set another torch deeper in the cave, and placed the one he took in an empty spot, lighting the entire room better. He found the person who spoke. He was a ragged-looking man, tan with uncombed hair, dressed in the same raggedy clothing he'd seen on the others, with some armor. The man was sitting on the ground and he was chained to some rocks, and Myaku could not help but wonder what the man did. He spoke once again, "You gonna get me out of here already?" Myaku pondered this for a second and answered in a calm tone "What happened here? Why is everyone dead?" The man's face shifted to genuine shock and his jaw dropped. "What?!" he demanded and tried to break out of his chains, but to no avail.


A scrawny looking rogue

"Look man, I heard some sort of explosion and everything went quiet, than a couple of hours later a bald guy with robes comes in and starts asking question. That's all I know, I swear, just let me go... Wait. I also heard the Sandbenders talking about some Airbender they snagged at the Misty Palms Oasis and how they were planning to sell him to some Flameies whe- hey wait a minute, you're that Airbender they captured... Great, just my luck, where one of you guys appears, trouble just follows, doesn't it?" Myaku felt a little awkward when he understood he was an Airbender, but didn't argue the fact that trouble followed them. "Hey, look, it doesn't matter. Just let me go so I can get out of here."

Myaku hesitated while looking at the guy and trying to analyze him. "Why are you chained up?" Myaku finally asked in a demanding tone. The other guy replied, "Does it really matter right now?!"

Myaku nodded. "How do I know I'm not releasing a killer?"

The guy sighed and spoke, "Look this is just one big misunderstanding, I just was borrowing a guys beetle when they started claiming I stole it and the next thing I know I'm in chains inside this cave, now can you please release me until that person or thing that murdered a WHOLE COLONY of Sandbenders comes back?!"

Myaku looked at him suspiciously "You mean you stole a beetle?" the monk shook his head in distaste.

The chained prisoner spoke again "Look baldy, can you just let me go? You'll have a lot more chances escaping this place with me, since I was awake when they brought me here, I know a route out!"

The monk took a step back "How do I know I can trust you?"

The rogue finally lashed out. "How do I know I can trust YOU?!"

Myaku hesitated, but decided that it was fair enough and came closer to the chains examining the lock before realizing there was a key a few meters away. He unlocked the chains and the man quickly jumped up from the ground, stretching his back "Aaaaaah sweet freedom...."

Myaku slowly rose, finally seeing the man's full height. He was about 5'11 and very scrawny looking, though he was obviously muscular underneath his clothes. Myaku was very lean and athletic, agile and fast like any Airbender, and this guy seemed more like the talker and a smart-mouth more than a fighter.

The two quickly scanned each other, expecting some sort of sudden movement that would execute a fight. "C'mon, I gotta get my blade first," said the rogue. Myaku followed him as they opened a door which led into some sort of closet. The man drew a jian straight sword from the closet, in its scabbard and with a long leathery strap. The handle was black with a golden top. He threw the blade over his shoulder, tying the strap and prepared to leave until he came to a stop. He looked at Myaku and then back to the closet and asked, "Is this yours?" he drew a long metal staff from the closet and threw it to the monk. Myaku caught it with his right hand and answered "Yeah, it's my glider..." the rogue nodded and explained that he remembered how monks used to use them.

Getting Acquainted

As they exited back to the hallway, Myaku made sure to let the guy walk in front, keeping an eye on him at all times. But, after he had told Myaku how the Sandbenders snagged him he remembered sitting in the cantina and drinking some alcoholic drink. That's when the Sandbenders came in and started eying him. He remembered how he finished the drink and exited the bar, but not much else. Myaku kept his eyes on the guy and finally spoke "I don't think I got your name..." the guy looked back and with some slight hesitation he muttered "Look baldy, I'm not really the type who likes to make friends with Air Nomads. You guys are trouble and for some reason, maybe because of the Genocide, I thought you were all dead. Unless... you're the Avatar. Got something to share, man?"

The rogue came to a stop and turned to Myaku "Are you... the Avatar?" his face was hard to read, and Myaku wasn't sure if he was asking out of hatred for the Avatar or out of interest for the bounty, or just hope that the Avatar can stop the war.

"No, I'm not" the guy eyed him for another minute, giving him a glare.

"Whatever, I don't really care, I don't plan on cashing in on the Monk Bounty."

Myaku nodded. "That's very noble of you, but I still didn't hear your name."

The guy turned to Myaku and with a shrug he answered "The names Taizo, you should remember it." Myaku rolled his eyes as Taizo asked, "What about you?"

Myaku answered in a calm tone "Myaku..." the rogue wondered for a bit, "So do I call you Monk Myaku? Master Myaku? Avatar Myaku?"

The monk shook his head "None of the above. And I already told you I'm not the Avatar."

The man shrugged. "Whatever you say, but don't you guys usually demand to be called monk?"

The monk frowned and lowered his head. "It's complicated..."

Taizo smirked "Tell me at least a single thing in this world that isn't."

Upon those words the whole cave shook with an echo and it seemed like it was an earthquake about to collapse the whole cave. The two men waddled before they regained their balance.

"What was that?!" Myaku shouted in surprise.

Taizo looked up as another explosion echoed. There was no mistake, something was getting blown up. "Do you really want to stand around and find out?! RUN!" Taizo sprinted to the right and Myaku followed him, the two of them dashing at great speeds into the darkness of the cave.


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