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"Royal Visit" is the sixth chapter of the fanon story Kyoshi Revolts, and the first to be written by guest-writer SuperFlash101 of Avatar: Better World.


When walking trough a forest, Mina and Kaila meet a boy named Chen, who says he's the crown prince. Mina and Kaila immediately take fighting stands, and before Chen can explain, they begin to attack him. Chen barely dodges Mina's arrows and is no match for Kaila's fighting techniques. Eventually, he ends up under Kaila, who sits on him and holds her hidden blade against his throat. He can explain it and Kaila releases him. They still don't trust him, but when they get attacked by robbers, Chen's Firebending becomes very handy. When he eventually saves Kaila by pushing her away, they trust him and let him join.


The chapter begins in a dark forest. Mina and Kaila are walking down the pathway, discussing where they shall go from here. Kaila begins to explain that the side of the Fire Nation they're at leads to a canal, which if they ride by can reach the capital. She then explains that there, they can travel on one of the docks. Mina asks where they will go from there, and Kaila shrugs. Suddenly, they hear a ruffling from the bushes, and former-Prince Chen shuffles out. The two are surprised, and Chen looks at them, commenting, "You guys are escapees, aren't you?"

The two are shocked again, and ask how he knows. He then reveals to them that he is the Crown Prince, and the two unveil their weapons to attack him. Chen reasons with them, telling them he has put his title all behind him and he only wants to rebel against his mother and sister. Mina lowers her arrow, sharply telling him "That's fantastic for you, now beat it! We've a long way to travel and we don't want trouble." She turns to walk away, as Kaila keeps her blade still aimed at him to inform him if he tells anybody about them she'll kill him, though Chen remains persistent to join them.


"You Again!"

Later, Mina is practicing her archery skills by shooting on an old tree, while Kaila closely watches. Kaila advices Mina about her stance, showing her how she really needs to stand and hold her bow. When Mina asks how she know all this, Kaila says she saw other students practice at her old school but before Mina could ask any further, Chen comes out of the bushes, trying to explain, Kaila shouts "You again" and Mina immediately turns around and shoots arrows straight at him, Chen barely dodges them.

Still, he continues to reason with them that he means no harm and he only wishes to join them, but Kaila still charges after him with her hidden blade. He tries to deflect the blows, but is thrown aback by a leg swipe, sending himself sliding backwards. Kaila knees over him, holding her hidden blade to his throat very closely and asking for a reason why she shouldn't kill him. Chen explains to them he wishes to only join them to stop the tyranny his mother has reigned on the world, and that he's come to realize his destiny. Mina and Kaila look at each other for a while, as if discussing it, and Kaila then gets up.

Mina tells Chen that they believe that he is no threat, but can not trust him enough to join them. They walk away, Chen picking himself up and looking downtrodden, getting ready to leave the scene. As Mina and Kaila are walking a few minutes later, Mina asks if Kaila would really kill someone. Kaila answers that they're living in a hard world, but before Mina can react, a group of robbers drop from the trees, wielding sharp weapons. The two girls pull out their weapons to defend themselves, but the men disarm them, leaving them helpless. Suddenly, Chen fires a single blast of fire at the men, causing them to jump back. He strikes a blast at them again, though missing and hitting a tree, though it still falls on three men, allowing Chen to find the girls' weapons.

Chen grabs the girl's weapons and tosses it to them. They all begin to fight with the robbers, Kaila slicing off weapons of a few and kicking them. Mina pins the men to a tree, and Chen succeeds in sending them off with a hard-attempted whip. The robbers flee, and Mina and Kaila walk over to Chen. Mina tells him that he did an amazing job, and that she believes both Kaila and her can accept him into Team Rebel. Chen is confused about the name, but eventually says he loves it and he's really happy to join it. Mina tells they're too, looking at Kaila. Kaila nods with dislike, saying she'll still keep an eye on Chen, and Chen grins wildly, happy to be in a group. The three then head downhill in the forest. As they leave, they see a wanted poster of Chen. Chen stares in horror as he reads the poster's text: "Anyone who is to find the traitor is to quickly turn him in to Princess Mitsuki for a ransom of 1,000 gold coins, by decree of the Supreme Fire Lord, Azula."

Behind the Scenes


  • This is the first time the name Team Rebel is used.

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