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By Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.

A Royal Jet

Royal Jets are the Avatar version of jets. They are solely for the purpose of transporting royalty. The jets were designed off of the Fire Nation airships, as the airships were designed off the air balloons. Only five Royal Jets have ever been made.


After the Destruction of the Water Tribes, Ozai decided that using airships to carry royalty was not fitting for such important people. In essence, Ozai's ego forced him to design something only he and his daughter could have. After countless improvements of the average airships failed, Ozai decided that his War Ministers were to build a new airborne vehicle. Eventually, an ambitious engineer came up with the perfect design, giving it to Ozai. Ozai approved the idea, and ordered that two prototypes be made. To Ozai's surprise, the prototypes worked, and Ozai was given his new War Machines earlier than expected. He, of course, took the larger one, while Azula took the smaller and less fancy one.

Ozai and Azula's jets were very helpful to their decisive world conquering campaign. Azula used her jet to reconquer Omashu, and the jets huge storage of bombs and luxurious insides gave Azula much comfort and advantage during her airborne attack. Ozai, proud of his daughter's historical conquering of Omashu and the fact that she abolished the Omashu Rebellion, gave Azula his jet, while he ordered an even larger jet be built for himself. Azula gave her old jet to the military, which helped Mai cut the citizens food supplies off during the Siege of Kyoshi Island.

After the death of Ozai, his Royal Jet was subsequently given to Azula. The old one Azula used was given to her favorite daughter, Mitsuki. Azula ordered two more Royal Jets be made for Mai and Ty Lee, giving the World exactly five jets. It is likely production of the jets will continue as long as Azula and Mitsuki are ruling.


The jets bear close resemblance to jets made in the real world, though they are not only built for luxury, but also for War (a common Fire Nation trait). The jets were originally red, but were later painted blue after Azula rose to higher power (likely due to her Firebending). The control room of the jets are similar to the airships, though they are slightly larger. Lounges, private quarters, and dining areas for royalty encircle the jet. Bomb bays are at the bottom of the jet, and the jet's think walls protect the passengers from both the bomb's sound, explosions, and toxins.

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