Thunderstorm By The Snowbold Part of the The Journey of Tala continuity.

The Royal Guards are the imperial bodyguards of the Earth King. They are powerful earthbenders and specifically a metalbender corp. Most of the Guards are always by the Earth King and have a die hard loyalty to his protection.


With the failure of the Royal Earthbender Guards to truly protect and serve the Earth King from any danger, it was apparent that they had to be replaced. After Kuei was killed by his son, his royal guards were expelled and replaced.

The new Earth King hired a metalbender from Republic City to train a new corp of bodyguards. Trained in the harshest situations, they were fanatically loyal troops who fiercely defended their King and each was considered more trustworthy than any noble in the Kingdom. They were chosen from across the Earth Kingdom at youth and subjected to their training as soon as chosen.

To further prove efficiency, the Royal Guards chose new mounts to symbolize speed and power. The Royal Guards bought Giant Eel Hounds from the breeders of Ember Island.

A skilled boy named Quru was recruited into the guard and became a trainer. After his continued exceptional skill, he was permitted to become trainer of Prince Kuir so that the future Earth King would be a great earthbender.


The Royal Guards are equipped with steel alloy armor, including their disc hats. Their chest plate has an insignia of a golden badgermole.


Royal Guards are loyal to the Earth King himself and none other, not even his heir until he takes his place. As such, the current guard are loyal to Iruei and will follow his orders over Kuir's, even though he is Crown-Prince. No Guard has left, with one exception being Colonel Quru. Who left the Earth Kingdom after completing Prince Kuir's training. The others call him a traitor.


  • The Royal Guards and their training are inspired by the Saudukar of the Dune series, an amazing sci-fi classic.

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