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Round One: Pygmi Pumas vs. Gaipan Goat Dogs
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Round One: White Falls Wolfbats vs. Red Sands Rabaroos

The Match

Hello and welcome to the first game of round one of the amateur pro-bending tournament brought to you by, Cabbage Corps and Future Industries. I'm your commentator for the night, Shiro Shinobi. This is a double-elimination round so whoever loses is not going home and isn't missing out on the chance to win some of the 100,000 yuan purse.

In the red tonight are the rookie Piandao Pigmy Pumas. The team is made up of a waterbending captain, Haji; a firebender genius Senlin; and an earthbending amateur Tana. From what their application says, we have some athletes that are trained from the great like, Toph Beifong and even the Fire Lord.

On the blue side we have the Gaipan Goat Dogs. The captain is an earthbender named Kotai; the waterbender's name is Lani; and their firebender is named Rai. They have won the championships two years ago and the year before that. I have a feeling that there might be an early knockout.

Our athletes have confirmed that they're ready and the long anticipated bell has rung its mighty noise across the packed arena.

The Goat Dog's captain, Kotai, has started the match by sending a block of earth at Tana who easily deflected it and sent one back at him. Haji has entered the game with a whip at Rai's head who accidentally slips back and teeter-totters one the verge of zone one and zone two. Lani helps her teammate up and they continue to fight.

The audience screams louder as the unexpected event happens. The enraged Rai sends an enormous ball of flames at Tana who easily dive rolls to the side and begins attacking at Lani.

Lani has just been sent back to zone two as Tana sweeps her left shin with her amazing left hook. Kotai and Rai are the Pigmy Puma's center of attention as they're the only Goat Dogs remaining in zone one. This could be Lani's chance to knock a preoccupied Puma back to zone two. The waterbender nods and uses up a big load of her energy to hit at Senlin who dodges the attacks but clumsily trips over his partner Tana, staying in the zone.

The crowd laughs at the boy's mortification as do the other athletes.

Senlin has begun his offensive attacks as he punches at Lani over and over again. Lani moves to the left, jumps up and smashes Senlin in the head. What's this? Senlin has quickly recovered and hits Lani square in the stomach. She falls to the ground, not going over a line but taking lots of damage.

Play has been halted as the Goat Dogs' waterbender is still on the ground, screaming in pain. The audience goes silent when the referee asks if she's okay. She is back up and ready to fight! The bell has sung its song once more.

Rai gets Haji off balance while Kotai delivers the final blow rocketing the young waterbender back to zone three and landing with a huge thud. The Goat Dogs are finally showing their talent as they slowly make their way up to Pygmi Puma territory.

The rookie Tana takes on veteran Kotai brutally as she shoots each of the ten coins of rock at him back-to-back, slowly edging him to the border. Uh-oh, Rai has stopped paying attention to Senlin and flips to the left and starts defending Kotai, realizing Tana's plan. Is this is it for the Pumas? Or can they come back from their potential defeat?

No! Kotai, not knowing what Senlin was doing, has just stepped into zone two. This is looking good for the Pumas as they have two members left in zone one.

There's an upset in the match. Haji is hitting at Lani every chance he gets. He is about to perform his signature move. Haji runs forward, jumps up and roundhouse bends Lani in the gut, shoving her back to zone three! The crowd is roaring with excitement as they might've found their new favorite team.

Can the Goat Dogs gain some of their territory back? No they can't because Tana has slammed Rai in the chest, moving him back a zone. There's no way they can come back now. It's never been done before.

The Gaipan benders are quickly fatigued as the young, energy-filled Pumas keep attacking relentlessly. Rai has just slipped off of the ring. No... Wait... He's holding on for dear life as he fails to pull himself onto the ring, showing that his age is catching up to him. Lani risks the match as she goes to pull him up. Oh no! Tana is hitting Lani off the hexagon. Oh my spirits! Tana has knocked the two off and all there's left is Kotai who looks like an ostrich horse in the headlights of a Satomobile right now.

The Pumas attack simultaneously at Kotai who reluctantly gives up! The bell has rung before the earthbender fell of the ring meaning the Pumas have won the round but not the match! What a close one for the Gaipan team. Do they have enough energy for round two? We'll find out after these messages brought to you by, Cabbage Corps and Future Industries.

We are back to you at the first game of round one. The athletes are ready and raring to go as they wait for round two to commence. The look of determination on both teams' faces scream that they're ready to fight, ready to win. Rai, though, still looks exhausted from the preceding round. Can he compete? We'll see. The bell rings louder than usual and the fight begins.

The Gaipan team means business as they attack in some sort of odd plan. Kotai sends a coin at Senlin. Senlin jumps over the low-aimed earth block and punches a gruesome amount of fire back. No! Senlin has stepped over the line and- what's that? The referee doesn't call the foul and the fans boo at the ignorance. Haji slams Lani in the face as Tana tries to finish the job of pushing the waterbender but Kotai kicks the earth before it can hit his teammate! What high skill of teamwork the dogs have shown.

Lani is not up to her regular standards. In the past, she's normally the one with the most endurance but as you can see tonight, she's not up-to-par. Kotai runs behind Rai and stops for a second. I think he's about to do his trademark attack. I'm right!

Kotai picks up three discs and jumps onto each one as if they were stepping stone. He's about to get to third- It looks like Tana has done her homework and knows how to hit Kotai from up there. Tana's smashed the final step and before Kotai hits the ground, Haji bashes the earthbender off the ring!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first pro-bender knocked out of the ring! Are the Goat Dogs ready to take on an uneven amount of opponents?

Maybe they are! Rai takes over as the leader and starts ordering Lani. They're doing some kind of dance moves and are attacking in unison. The Pumas aren't up for the challenge as they get clobbered by every move the Dogs make.

Senlin runs up to the borders blasts Lani in the middle over her turn into the third zone. The formation is broken and the Goat Dogs continue to attack like before.

The Pumas gang up on Rai but the referee calls it foul because of, "unnecessary roughness". They're given a yellow fan instead of a one zone penalty like they should get. The crowd yet again boos at the referee's favoritism for the Pumas. The game resumes and Tana targets Lani. Lani's slowly herded into towards the left ropes. For you fans out there that don't know, a bender cannot hit another off of the side of the ring.

Senlin gives a violent blow at the Dogs' waterbender, shoving her into the ropes and causing her to fly off of the back of the ring! The fans go wild as Rai is left alone. Folks, there's something peculiar going on in the ring today. Rai has lifted his hands up in defeat, forfeiting the match and jumped of the ring. Wow! What a game, what a game. The newspapers all over Republic City will headline, 'Rai, taking the coward way out'.

The Dogs are still in the tournament but go down in the sudden death bracket, meaning that if they lose again, they're eliminated. On the other hand, The Pygmi Pumas are victorious and will advance to the second round.

That's it for today. Be sure to check out the next match tomorrow to see the White Falls Wolfbats vs. the Red Sands Rabaroos at 7:30 eastern standard time.

Review of the Match

This battle began the tournament for the amateurs. The two-time champion Gaipan Goat Dogs went against a rookie team, the Pygmi Pumas. Although the Dogs' experience in pro-bending, they were evenly matched if not, worse than the Pumas.

Most people think this could be the end for the three 34-year-olds and others believe they just had a bad day. The Republic Nation Times said that the Goat Dogs were "losing their touch".

There was something that Rai didn't know before he forfeited the match. There was two seconds left on the clock before the match ended. If he decided to stay on for those two measly seconds, the Gaipan team would've been able to play a third a final round to try and knock out the Pumas. That's a lesson for everyone. Never give up. If you do, you could end up like Rai.

Although highly anticipated, most Gaipan fans didn't like the match because of its outcome. A massive amount of people have acquired a new favorite team, the Pygmi Pumas.

Haji is a waterbender and the Pumas' captain. Despite the fact of his early transitions to zone three, he had knocked Kotai out of the ring in the second round, leaving to Goat Dogs left.

The firebender named Senlin played skillfully with massive attacks on waterbender Lani, proving that opposites do attract. In round two, he finished her off with a violent blow into ropes and bouncing out of the ring at the perfect angle.

Albeit she hasn't knocked anyone, Tana set up both of the knockouts. She was the one to destroy Kotai's last stepping stone and was the one who herded Lani into the rope for Haji. If it weren't for her, the Pumas might have not won their match.

In the end, the game ended before time ran out in the second round. The tremendous knockout will be remembered by the Pumas as a massive accomplishment and to the Goat Dogs as a massive dishonor.

If you want to read the whole thing, you can find it at Round One: Pygmi Pumas vs. Gaipan Goat Dogs.


Highlight #1: In the beginning of round one, the somewhat clever Lani tried moving Senlin back a zone by attacking while he wasn't paying attention. He managed to dodge but tripped and fell flat on his face, making everyone in the arena laugh.

Highlight #2: Right after highlight number one, Lani moves to the left, jumps up and smashes Senlin in the head but he recover in just enough time to send the earth coin at her, causing the match to pause because of the water bender's injury. The match continued a few moments later.

Highlight #3: The third and best highlight occurred in round two. Kotai, the Goat Dogs' earthbender, picked up three discs and jumped onto each one as if they were stepping stone. He was about to get to third step when Tana smashed the final step. Before Kotai hit the ground, Haji bashed the earthbender off the ring!


Interview with Rai from the Goat Dogs

RCSN (Republic City Sports Network): I'm just going to cut to the chase. What going through your mind when you saw Lani fall of the ring?

Rai: Well, not good things. I thought that I had to take one for the team and hang on for the rest of the match. That thought changed when I turned around and saw three armed benders glaring at me.

RCSN: What do you think you and your team did wrong?

Rai: We underestimated our opponent. No one should underestimate anyone because people will surprise you.

RCSN: What did you and the team talk about during the intermission?

Rai: We discussed what not to do and thought of some plans that eventually backfired.

RCSN: What can you improve on for the next match?

Rai: We're definitely going to work on some plans for not only gaining territory, but kicking people out of the ring.

RCSN: Alright, Rai. Thanks for allowing RCSN to interview and good luck in the tournament.

Interview with Tana from the Pygmi Pumas

RCSN: Thanks for meeting with us and congratulations on advancing to the next round. I have a few questions for you. How did you start pro-bending?

Tana: I found a flyer downtown about seven months ago advertising that Haji needed an earthbender for his new team. When I found him, he was being mugged by this triad and I helped fight them off. From then on, we've been a team.

RCSN: What an odd way to create a team. Anyways, was there a part in the match where you had a feeling that you had won the match?

Tana: To be honest, after I had ejected Lani off the ring I felt my adrenaline pumping. I always knew that I could do anything my adrenaline was pumping so that's when I thought had I it in the bag.

RCSN: After this win against a two-time champion, do you think you have a good chance on making it in the top four to win the 25,000 yuans and become a pro?

Tana: Yes, I do. We might be rookies, but we've trained every day since we heard about the tournament.

RCSN: What do you like the most about this competition?

Tana: Since I was three I've listened to these same teams on the radio and now twelve years later I'm competing with them. I like that I get to see my idols every day.

RCSN: Once again, thank you for coming and good luck on your journey to becoming a pro.

Interview with Lani from the Goat Dogs

RCSN: This is Kuzon Hoima, an interviewer for the RCSN (Republic City Sports Network). Today, I am interviewing two opponents of the fantastic pro-bending battle earlier today. I'll start with Lani, the waterbender of the Goat Dogs. Do you think your team played well, tonight?

Lani: My team did okay tonight, but we need to improve on some things.

RCSN: Are you physically and mentally 100% and can we expect more from you this season?

Lani: I am a little wet, but I think I'm playing fine.

RCSN: Well you're a waterbender...

Lani: The questions...

RCSN: Oh, right. Rai, is it just me or did he seem cowardly out there? Why would he jump off the platform?

Lani: Imagine if you had three talented, armed people ready to knock you off of a really tall platform. What else could he have done?

RCSN: Okay... Final question, do you have any predictions for the next match?

Lani: I will not make any predictions.

RCSN: You heard it here first, brought to you by, Cabbags Corps!

Polls and Trivia


• Kotai had almost sprained his ankle when he fell during the match.

• This is the first match in the whole tournament!

• Did you know Rai's fire is sometimes blue?


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