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Fire Nation


(Funeral scene: 9) 16

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Weapon of choice

Throwing knifes, shuriken daggers

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Hifito, Ilya


His entire family ...seriously

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Former-Fire Prince


Fire Nation Prince, Fire Nation Traitor, Shuriken Expert


Fire Nation (against his siblings)

First appearance

Death is Just the Start

Rosutoko is the youngest son of Mai and Zuko. He is the only one of their children to turn down their native Bending art, instead discovering an aptitude for Shuriken-jutsu, like his mother. He is the love interest of Hifito.


Rosutoko was born the youngest of five siblings, the children of Fire Queen Mai and Fire Lord Zuko. He lived a privileged life of a prince, however never had a friend, as his heartless siblings managed to convince him that having friends was like saying that he needed help, and Rosutoko did not want to seem inferior to them.

After his siblings murdered his parents, he befriended Hifito at the age of nine. After seven years of friendship, he became comfortable with himself and his life, however his life was shaken upside down He is now travelling the world, uniting the leaders of the world against his siblings.


Rosutoko is a perfect ranged attacker, using shuriken, throwing knifes and senbon to attack, taking after his mother. He is also a theoretically flawless archer, however has never attempted this kind of attack.


Rosutoko is an extremely polite person, having been taught the greatest of etiquette. He is a nice person and is affectionate to his friends, usually using his intellect to decide his actions, however has been known to resort to impulse and instinct. A ruthless fighter, he is merciless toward opponents, although also has a slight schizophrenic trait, taking after his siblings, as he can be kind and benevolent at one moment, before becoming a horrifically atrocious combatant.

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