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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Final Avatar.

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Blasting Jelly launcher
Flaming dart launcher

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Dart shooting





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Someone's Been Kidnapped

Rose is the daughter of Earth King Boli in The Final Avatar.


Early Life

Rose was born into the Earth Kingdom royal family. She was raised in extreme wealth, and she was heavily spoiled. She was taught to be loyal only to her father, and nobody else.

The War

When she was still young, her father started a war. He struggled to hide her, and keep her a secret. She hated this, but she vowed to stay with her father no matter what happened.


When Rose was nineteen, Stroe Vintrel and Heesu Saro captured her. They broke into her secret area, and took her. The saw no weapons on her, so they put her in a cell. A few hours later, she squirted Blasting Jelly out of her wrist-gun, and lit it on fire with a flaming dart from her other wrist-gun. She broke out of the cell, and prepared to fight. Zaru, Heesu, Erus, and Patola then came to help. A large fight broke out, and lasted until Erus blasted Rose with lightning. Boli then came to finish it off.


Rose is much like her father. She is often very cold, though she speaks little. She prefers to fight instead.


Rose has no bending abilities, but she is still a powerful opponent. She has taken on powerful benders, and almost won.


Rose uses her weapons to their fullest extent in combat.

Blasting Jelly gun

On her right wrist, Rose has a secret device that squirts out blasting jelly. She uses this many times in combat. She enjoys making her enemies explode. She also uses her gun as a psychological weapon, scaring people because they have blasting jelly on them. She often uses it with her dart shooter.

Flaming Dart Shooter

Mai's knives

Rose using a dart shooter (The flame was put out by Patola)

Rose has a device that shoots flaming wooden darts on her left wrist. She often uses this dart-gun with her blasting jelly gun, making explosions everywhere.


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