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By Ganto Part of the Ganto - Airbender From Northern Air Temple continuity.
Appa and Momo
Biographical information

Air Nomads, Northern Air Temple

Birth place

Ba Sing Se



Physical description


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Air, Body bulk

Bending style(s)



Ganto, Pedro


Ganto, Pedro, Lin, Saikhan, Tenzin, Ikki, Meelo, Jinora, Pema, Aria,General Fang,Teo,Taru


Equalists, Amon, Hiroshi Sato, Mal.

Chronological and political information

Air Nomads

First appearance

Northern Air Temple


Ganto chose Ropa as his companion. Since then, they always were best friends and did lot of crazy things. Ganto,Pedro and Ropa had strong. When Ganto was six, they both almost got captured by pirates. Luckily, Ganto's father came just in time and rescued them. After Ganto's mothers death they went to Northern Air Temple, where they spend long time. After fathers death (10 years after mothers death) Ganto, Pedro and Ropa left to Republic City.

Aang meets Appa

Book 1:Arrival

In book one, Ropa is 14 year old bison. Who loves to fly and just like Pedro loves to eat fruits. Ropa is very protective if some one hurts Ganto and don't let any one harm him.


Ropa is very happy and always smiley. He's also very protective and caring. He never let some one harm Ganto or Pedro. He understands everything what human says, but of course he can't speak the human language. Ropa also loves jokes and play with Ganto.


Sokka and Yue on Appa

As a sky bison Ropa uses airbending to fly. He can also blow strong wind from his mouth and create strong air waves with his tail. He can bite very hard which is really painful.


Ganto: Ropa and Ganto have very strong family relation ship, since they're the last of their kind. Ropa loves to play with him and have fun. They're best friends and always be together no matter what.

Pedro: Ropa and Pedro always get along, they play and also fight for fruits. Both are fruit lovers and when it comes to sharing they fight. Of course, usually Ropa wins. Pedro and Ropa are best friends and always stay together.


  • His mother
  • Unknown siblings.

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