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Ba Sing Se, Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom




Korra (as the Avatar)

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Dark Brown

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Ronin is the Earth Kingdom-born Avatar who succeeded Avatar Korra.


Ronin is a shy and timid young adult who was born to a former agent of the Dai Li from Ba Sing Se and a nonbending mother from the United Republic of Nations. At a very early age, he taught himself on how to work on things like puzzles, earning him his birth name. His father was murdered by a few firebending thugs and Ronin was left with his lonely mother. Due to his mother collecting books, he learned a lot about the world around him and felt concerned for the Earth Kingdom's political wellbeing. He also taught himself earthbending that he inherited from his father by reading about various techniques in books, eventually learning to metalbend and sense vibrations as well, becoming a master earthbender. His mother gratefully saw him as a prodigy due to teaching himself without a problem.

Things started to change for Ronin when he learned that he was the Avatar. He immediately taught himself to firebend, airbend, and waterbend. He also learned other techniques such as lightning generation and bloodbending, even though bloodbending was illegal. He completely grew into a mature, calm, and open-minded man and kept his status as the Avatar a secret from everyone but his mother.

He also has a Komodo Raptor companion named Rex whom he considers his only friend.


  • Ronin means "masterless" in Japanese.

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