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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
Unnamed fire Avatar
Rong Yan
Biographical information

Foo Foo Cuddlypoops (once by Aloi), Bender of Four (by High Monk Shang Xi)


Fire Nation


18 (Book 1), 19 (Book 2), 22 (Book 3)


677 BG


569 BG (Age: 108)

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color

Dark Brown

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Firebending, Lavabending, Airbending

Fighting style(s)

Firebending, Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Lavabending (Avatar-State Only)


Fire Nation, Sifu Takumi, Fire Lord Yeh Lu, Monk Yong Ten, Aloi,Unaraq, Tanaraq, The Waiter, Utsah the Bandit King, Kai-Shek, Muqin, Jia Mei, Chi-Fu the Historian, Guard Captain Wei, Council of Elders, Mayor Zhuyao, Senge, Jampo, Sister Yeoja, Sister Mi Soo, Ku Tei, all Avatars


Ex-General Senlin, The Mayor, The Kira-Bi (Formerly), Palartok, Water Tribe rebels

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Avatar in Training

First appearance

Book 1: Air Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Last appearance

Book 3: Earth Chapter 21: ??

Rong Yan is the Fire Nation-born Avatar succeeding Avatar Ku Tei, and preceding before Avatar Yangchen. Rong Yan is also the main protagonist in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Rong Yan is known to be the Avatar at the age of four by the Fire Sages. At the age sixteen, while at the city of Yin La's market district, he was told of his status of the being the reincarnation of Avatar Ku Tei.


Rong Yan is born to two peasants making a living in a small village by the name of Tang Village. His mother stayed home to raise him and his father being a coal miner.

Early Life

Rong Yan's childhood was a safe one. He grew up being taught by his grandmother Nila, and raised by both of his parents. His family was poor and could not afford the costs of school.

Luckily, his grandmother being his teacher in both firebending and independent studies he learned a lot. Nothing major on his firebending, just basic forms and moves to defend himself when there was trouble.

Rong Yan began to help his father at the coal mines at the age of fourteen, and got the working experience that his father had, little by little.

The New Avatar

He was at a market place within the village he was born and raised in, while buying groceries, he was confronted by the Fire Sages, who told him of his status as the Avatar. Not able to believe the truth, he still was very excited to learn that he was the Avatar.

Rong Yan was still not ready to leave his life behind and begin anew training day and night. When the time came the Fire Sages picked him up and took him into the temple and began training him.

Meeting Avatar Ku Tei

Monk Yong Ten wanted Rong Yan, to follow him to the temple so that he may enter into the Avatar State, and speak with his past life. He did so, and he spoke with Avatar Ku Tei, who shared some wisdom with Rong Yan, and warned him of the powerful danger lying ahead in his life.

Rong Yan, has so far become very cautious of his surroundings. Rong Yan, hopes to speak with Ku Tei soon, he believes he can tell him anything he needs to know.

Taking Hi Sho

With the help of Utsah the Bandit King, Avatar Rong Yan, was able to foil the plan of The Mayor of Hi Sho Village.

Entering into the Spirit World to speak with Kai-Shek, Spirit of Hi Sho Woods, the spirit was angered, and wanted the Mayor and the villagers out of his forest. When Rong Yan spoke to Kai-Shek he promised Kai-Shek, he would rid of the effigy keeping the spirit out.

After Monk Yong Ten, had found the effigy and destroyed it. It was about ten minutes before the spirit arrived to drag and drown the Mayor in the nearby river, and drag both spirit and body into the Spirit World.

After the Mayor's disappearance, Utsah took the Mayor's place, as mayor of the village, and village went into an era of peace.

Attack of the Rebels

Avatar Rong Yan's and Monk Yong Ten's first attack by the Water Tribe rebels, started in Taku. The annual end of the thirty-year war festival was being celebrated. They all had fun until the mid-festival, when the rebels attacked. Weakening the firebender, five waterbenders from the rebel group sent in a tidal wave to hit the Avatar.

Succeeding to do so, the Avatar State, had activated. Avatar Rong Yan being in the Avatar State, rose into the air in a giant water spout, and with a giant pressurized water ball in the air, he formed the ball into icicles, and impaled all the rebels, killing them.

The only survivor was the man, who left before his crew attacked Taku. Due to the event, the festival ended early and the Avatar and his airbending teacher had left.

Learning of Xi Tong

Arriving at Xi Tong Village, Rong Yan had explored it along with Monk Yong Ten leading them towards the town square. Where Rong Yan meets the mayor of the village Zhuyao, meeting the Avatar, Zhuyao's gets all giddy and happy, while invading Rong Yan's personal space.

Shadowed Earth Kingdom Avatar

Avatar Xi Tong.

Eyeing the statue made of earth, who was made to the founder of the village. Zhuyao, surprised that Rong Yan does not know the man. Zhuyao, introduces Rong Yan to a statue of his past life, Avatar Xi Tong who founded the village.

Rong Yan, does not learn more about Xi Tong, other than he was the Earth Kingdom Avatar before Avatar Ku Tei. And that he was born into royalty, and later became the 37th Earth King during his lifetime. Knowingly, Xi Tong did accomplish many things in his life.

The Southern Air Temple

Rong Yan and Yong Ten have finally arrived at the Southern Air Temple. Yong Ten prepares Rong Yan to meet the Council of Elders so they can speak matters with him.

Rong Yan's first encounter with other Air Nomads, was with the young boys who wanted to know what brought a firebender to air temple. After Yong Ten identifies Rong Yan as the Avatar to the young boys, they could not believe their eyes, with their priceless faces, after a short while the boys faint at the sight of Rong Yan.

Yong Ten then introduces him to a monk named Senge, Senge and Rong Yan become best friends while Rong Yan's stay at the Southern Air Temple. Senge then introduces Rong Yan to another Air Nomad, named Jampo. Jampo, looks big and intimidating but, Jampo has a gentle, kind-hearted personality.

The time comes where Rong Yan meets the Council of Elders, where the Southern Council of Elders introduce themselves to Rong Yan. There was Spiritual Mentor or the head monk, the Literal high monk, the Sociable high monk, Historical high monk, and the Geographical high monk.

High Monk Shaohao, had given Rong Yan a little history lesson on General Senlin, and had told him old news about General Senlin escaping and having a personal vendetta on the Avatar.

High Monk Geetsan, then told Rong Yan that in fact Yong Ten will be his airbending teacher. Also having to go through the thirty seven levels of airbending and passing the tests or he'd have to start all over. And that if he needed wisdom he was able to freely visit the sanctuary and speak to a past life.

Festival of Four Winds

While Monk Yong Ten, and Rong Yan were sitting down eating, Yong Ten gave Rong Yan a little history lesson about one of the holidays the Air Nomads celebrate every year.

To his dismay it was not what he wanted to hear, he spat out all his water and disturbed all the monks who were dining. Yong Ten had just told them it was a joke that the Avatar did not understand.

All the monks burst out laughing after a few seconds to understand the punchline of the joke. The holiday happens annually at one of the four temples, this year it was going to be celebrated at the Southern Air Temple. Monks and nuns from all four temples participate those ranging from the ages of seventeen to forty-six. Where everyone has a great time and afterwards the members of those age groups, one male and one female go into a room, and reproduce.

The female is then sent to her assigned air temple, Western or Eastern. And takes care of her offspring during the duration of nine months. Afterwards, the mother names the child and leaves it behind to the older nuns to nurture the baby.

Though Rong Yan, did not really celebrate most of the holiday he did make a new friend named Aloi. She is a master airbender and soundbender from the Eastern Air Temple. She promised to teach Rong Yan soundbending, as she asks High Sister Halmeoni about staying at the Southern Air Temple, at first the sister disagreed. But then Aloi mentioned traveling with the Avatar. She then changed her mind and agreed, she had a flashback about her when she was in her twenties and of Avatar Ku Tei when he was in his forties. She had fallen in love with him, but did not leave to travel the world with him because, she had studies to complete to become the head sister of the eastern Council of Elders.

She saw Aloi, as herself, and of course Rong Yan as Ku Tei. She did not want it to happen to someone else. With that Aloi, had stayed at the Southern Air Temple, but as of yet nothing is known, that Aloi is teaching Rong Yan how to soundbend.

Meeting Avatar Kwan Chun

Avatar Rong Yan, needed to have his questions answered about Air Nomads, and needed to learn more lore on them about their pacifist lifestyle, and a conflict that had affected them and that sort of way. He also wanted to know more on Avatar Kwan Chun, and why he was famous.

He headed to the Air Temple sanctuary, for assistance and meditated. As he entered the Avatar State, he was encountered by Avatar Kwan Chun, himself who knew about why Rong Yan wanted to learn about him. Kwan Chun, had showed Rong Yan his life.

Rong Yan learned why, the Air Nomads do not fight, one of the various reasons is because, an Earth King from the past had declared on the Air Nomads because of their lifestyle, he also was racist towards the Air Nomads and did not want cowards in his territory.

The Air Nomads, were not cowards, the Air Nomads had just detached themselves from the conflicts of the rest of the world. That is why they do not have an army, and chose the pacifist lifestyle. Though to defend their homes they will fight, they believe that all life is sacred.

But Kwan Chun, believed that if he had a strong hand of justice he will keep the world at balance and at peace. Yao did not see it that way, he was out of Kwan Chun as well. Kwan Chun had stormed the Ba Sing Se palace, and had warned Earth King Yao to end the war.

Appa soaring

Kwan Chun on his sky bison, heading towards the Earth King's palace.

He soon left, and two months later had mastered the Avatar State, and learned that his guardian monk had been captured and arrested by Yao. Also learning that Yao had split his army in four, so that the army may assault the temples and cause a genocide. Kwan Chun traveled to the Fire Nation seeking aid from Fire Lord Osamu, asking Osamu to send troops to all four temples to protect them from the Earth Kingdom Military.

The Fire Nation military had reached the four temples and stayed there for two weeks, to protect the Air Nomads from genocide. Yao, had lied to Kwan Chun and only targeted the Southern Air Temple. Kwan Chun had made it in time to see the entire army marching towards the temple.

Kwan Chun, had stopped at the burned down village of Hunan, because, the army would be marching past Hunan to reach the Southern Air Temple. Kwan Chun battled the army, killing off various number of troops. Then used the Avatar State to increase the killing. After a while, more and more kept coming and he then gave up. Putting what his past life said into thought he sacrificed himself to end the war.

The result of Kwan Chun's death, did in fact end the war, but did not allow the Air Nomads into Earth Kingdom territory. Yao was still the tyrannical ruler of Ba Sing Se, until Kwan Chun's future life, with the help of citizens and veterans of the army, had overthrown the Earth King to place his son as the new king.

His son ended the war completely, because, Yao had declared war once again to the Air Nomads, but everyone was tired of Yao's reign. The overthrowing of Earth King Yao resulted his son in ended the war before it had started and uplifting the ban of Air Nomads in Earth Kingdom territory.

Invasion of the Southern Air Temple

As Rong Yan was training his air spout move, a courier came on the back of a sky bison along with an unknown Air Nomad. The courier had given the scroll to Rong Yan, who gave it to Yong Ten.

Yong Ten read the scroll, it had come from General Senlin, former general of the Council of Five and Earth Kingdom Military, and escaped convict of the Ba Sing Se Prison. He wants to fight Rong Yan, and knows that he is currently at the Southern Air Temple, and his plan is going well, since the Avatar is still "weak", Rong Yan has only mastered fire and air.

General Senlin, is only a day away from the temple. The Council of Elders have an audience with the courier. He tells them that Senlin, and a Water Tribe man along with other Water Tribesmen have razed a village. Killing various numbers of innocents. Only sparing him, to deliver the message to the temple.

Knowing of Air Nomad lifestyle, he sent the Air Nomad to make a scroll for reinforcements to Taku. As he returned, he had given the scroll to the courier, and Yong Ten escorted the courier to Xi Tong village. From there the courier had ridden on the back of his ostrich horse to the city of Taku. Where Captain Wei, is still stationed at for another week.

Rong Yan, had spoken to Avatar Ku Tei, who had given him advice to not attack Former General Senlin directly, because he was not ready. He then spoke with Avatar Kwan Chun, who had told him that he must do whatever it takes to eliminate threats that harm the world, but then told him the exact same thing as Ku Tei had told him. Though he must wait since he only just mastered two elements and has not mastered all four.

Kwan Chun had told Rong Yan to wait, but before Kwan Chun, had vanished as he also told Rong Yan, that he was always there, when he needed him.

Captain Wei, and his small army were the resistance against General Senlin and his forces. Though as the courier had past by the general on his ostrich horse, the general and his forces stopped for a brief moment. Then the general whispered into the ear of one his archers, who had grinned wickedly, aimed, and shot the courier in the head, killing him.

During the invasion, Jampo was the fourth Air Nomad that was struck dead, Rong Yan, Senge, Aloi, and Yong Ten all cried out his name, but he was gone. All of them cried, and Rong Yan closed his eyes releasing a tear. The death of Jampo, had triggered Rong Yan's Avatar State.

The invaders were in trouble, when instead of seeing the Fire Avatar in the Avatar State. The airbenders bowed to the presence of the Air Avatar that had taken form from the Avatar's body. It was Avatar Kwan Chun, who ended the invasion at the Southern Air Temple, and blew General Senlin and Palartok along with their men off the temple mountain.

The Air Nomads saw the invasion, and the Avatar; Kwan Chun's furious grew and he realized that someone had invaded his homeland where he grew up in. He had taken possession of Rong Yan's body, and defended his home from the invaders.

Falling to their deaths, General Senlin reacted quickly by encasing Palartok and himself in earth to break their falls. Location of the Avatar was unknown to them soon after they had come out of the earth.

Southern Water Tribe

Arriving at the Southern Water Tribe, Rong Yan and his friend Aloi sought audience with Chief Unirak. The chief gives him a warm greeting to his city. Rong Yan asks for waterbending teacher, Unirak calls out his children and introduces them to the Avatar.

He grants him his daughter as his waterbending teacher claiming that she is a magnificent bender and will be a great mentor for the Avatar. He had also granted the Avatar the skills and aid of his son Unaraq who is a fine warrior.

The next day, Unaraq introduced Aloi and Rong Yan, to his crew. Which later in Book Two became part of the story and conflicted with one of the benders of the crew.

The Royal Lady

Somewhere within the Earth Kingdom, they had stumbled upon a village that was being manipulated and extorted by the mayor himself. Although, they knew not the true story, only the story the mayor wanted them to hear.

At times they would mention of the Royal Lady, which is a statue in the middle of town square. She was the one who built the village, and they all owe her thanks for it.

Questioning this, Rong Yan had received a vision within his dream, where the Royal Lady spoke to him. She gave him a flashback where he appeared back in the Fire Temple Sanctuary. Next to him was Fire Sage Xiao, who was explaining the statue of the woman to the young Avatar.

That is when he learned that she once was an Avatar, and her name was Ilah. From then on she gave brief summary of her life, she had a tough life with depression involved for half of it. Although she went down in Fire Nation history as a powerful leader of the nation.

She also claimed what was really going on, the real story. With her last words she told him, that maybe someday they will meet once again. Rong Yan, does not when it'll happen or what will trigger it.

The Forbidden Art

One of Unaraq's crew men, was acting quite strange, and the rest of the crew had no idea why they were heading to a river. But they did run into Rong Yan and his allies. His behavior began to change, one day everyone had fallen asleep only he stayed awake. He was pretending to be sad about something but when his best friend had tried to comfort him he shooed him away.

When Rong Yan, had awaken he was gone. Rong Yan as well had disappeared somewhere, he was following a voice. The voice led him to a small island shrouded by thick mists.

Upon arrival the voice had commanded him to begin meditating, eventually he had reached the Spirit World. The voice came from another past Avatar named Anana. She was the Water Avatar before him, she reviewed her life story with him.

She had later revealed that Sakana was direct descendant of an illegitimate son of her husband Tuuluuwaq, which at one point might have cheated on her, or had a child before they were married. That was not known, other than he did have another son, he did not mention to Anana.

This son, learned the secrets of Bloodbending although during this time the bending art was forbidden and illegal in the Poles. Because, it had started a war called the Blood War. The Blood War itself is part of the history books, but any records on bloodbending or bloodbenders was destroyed.

Generations had past this knowledge down, a few people in the world are bloodbenders, and Sakana is one of them. His father had forced him as a boy to learn it.

Making an offering to the spirit Atshen to cleanse Sakana of his insanity and making him slightly stronger. Rong Yan, had made it just in time to fight off Sakana prevailing after he had killed his own best friend. Being the only one left, because Sakana had knocked out Rong Yan's friends and allies. Sakana was slain, and his journal was found. Where Tanaraq had read his sad tale.

Meeting an member of an Ancient Organization

At one point before leaving Ni Juo, Unaraq was curious to know if the hermit had returned to the shack up in the mountains. Upon arrival they had met a hooded figure, who was the hermit.

Startled he dropped his drink and air dried the stain on his robes. Aloi the airbender jumped in joy when she found out he was an airbender. He had revealed he was a member of an ancient organization called "The Vibrant Ones".

Who were a selected few of master airbenders trained in the three different branches of Soundbending. Chaos, Deception, and Melodic branches, each had the same standard moves but each had their own unique set moves.

The Soundbender (also known as, Giman), willingly taught Rong Yan, and Aloi some soundbending moves. At the end of their training day he gave them a small chest filled with various Soundbending scrolls pertaining more moves.

He decided to gift them it, since now there was only three known Vibrant Ones, doing so he knew this would bring a new generation of Vibrant Ones.

Northern Water Tribe

When the gang reaches the Northern Water Tribe it seems to be peaceful since they arrive before General Senlin and his comrades do. In the coming days the entire visit gets thrown into disarray, first when Senlin wanted to upsurge another war he had sent Kimaru to kill Tulok's cousin although it turned out they triple teamed him. With Senlin delivering the final blow to the young officer. After they found his body the Northern Water Tribe chief had gone into a rage and waged war on the eastern Earth Kingdom. In the final two chapters of Book Two, they begin to prepare the wedding of Tulok and Tanaraq who have had a quick relationship taking each other for lust and the arrangement of marriage through royalty.

In Chapter 19, they were preparing the funeral of Amak, and later in the chapter towards the end they attended the funeral and the burial of the young man. In Chapter 20, they had attended the royal wedding while in the end the two chiefs had a war council with Cupun's general and admiral the twins Issumatar&Oomailiq. Where on the subside back in Ba Sing Se it showed the complete opposite, while the Northern and Southern Water Tribes united for the war, the eastern and western Earth Kingdom had become divided for the war. With the end result of Ba Sing Se province going at it alone against the Water Tribes while the Omashu province closes off its borders until the war was announced over.

New Earthbending Master

Rong Yan and the gang had gone to Han Tui after three years of war it was difficult getting into the Earth Kingdom for many, with the Water Tribes getting the upper hand in the war and gaining territories on eastern Earth Kingdom soil. In the planned efforts in trying to win Chu Shi.

Rong Yan and the gang spent three long years in the safe non war ravaged province of Omashu, where Rong Yan perfected and mastered airbending, soundbending, and waterbending with his teacher Aloi, and with the scrolls that were given to him by Chief Cupun. Each character had grown up, Rong Yan had began to sport a mustache and goatee, Aloi shaved the frontal forehead area to reveal her airbending tattoos, and Unaraq had grown a beard and began to resemble much like his father Unirak. When arriving in Han Tui they had learned that Sun Wu the earthbending prodigy master had passed away of old age three weeks before their arrival.

In a tavern within the city they had run into and met Jushi a master swordsman and earthbender who at first had no qualms of helping the Avatar master earthbending. But after life saving and persuasion, Jushi had a change of heart and joined in Rong Yan's quest to master the elements and defeat the Traitor General.

News from Omashu

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The Battle of Chu Shi

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The Deserter

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Appearances in Aang's life

Avatar line-up

Avatars preceding Aang.

When Aang inadvertently entered the Avatar State during a retreat to General Fong's fortress as a result of his anger when Fong put Katara's life at risk in hopes it would force Aang into the Avatar State, Aang was taken by Avatar Roku on a journey to the Spirit World. There, Roku showed the young airbender flashbacks of previous Avatars empowered by the Avatar State, including Avatar Rong Yan erupting four adjoining volcanoes with the use of enhanced firebending and earthbending.[1]

During Avatar Aang's battle at Wulong Forest against Phoenix King Ozai, Avatar Rong Yan made another appearance where he was seen in Aang's vision alongside a line of Avatars when Aang unlocked the seventh chakra and immediately entered the Avatar State, resulting from an impact with a jutting rock.[2]

Appearances in Avatar Korra's life

Avatar Rong Yan was present along with several other Avatars when Aang passed on the knowledge of energybending to Korra, representing the connection she had made with her spiritual side.[3]



At the ages between six to sixteen he was taught basic forms and moves of firebending to defend himself from harm.

Soon after when the Fire Sages told him of his real identity he left home to travel to the Fire Temple and master firebending. He was taught by a man named Takumi, who taught him well and taught him many advanced sets of firebending. He lately known to be an advanced firebender.

Rong Yan bending fire

Avatar Rong Yan, lighting two small flames in his hand.

Rong Yan, at the temple had to choose his firebending master from the three that were provided. Finally, he chose a man named Sifu Takumi. The man gladly became his firebending master and taught him well, more than his grandmother Nila had done.

Two years had passed and Rong Yan was eighteen years old, in the middle of an Agni Kai with his firebending master also known as, Sifu Takumi. Rong Yan soon took advantage of his teacher because he got distracted, and prevailed in the Agni Kai.


As seen by Aang, while Roku was telling Aang more about the Avatar State, Avatar Rong Yan is seen in the Avatar State erupting four volcanoes, and bending the lava out of them, to use them in combat.


He meets a very old man within the Fire Nation Palace by the name of Monk Yong Ten who soon reveals that he will be his airbending trainer and his spiritual mentor. Nothing else is known thus far.

After the day as he arrived at the Southern Air Temple, Rong Yan had an audience with the Council of Elders. They told him that his training began tomorrow in the 37 levels of airbending.

Airbending gates

The spinning gates are known as the 1st level of airbending.

Starting his training, there was an exercise known as the airbending gates. Where the master or the pupil would blast air at the gates, while they spin at a moderate speed, the pupil will at a moment's notice will twist and turn in the opposite direction of the spinning gates to get to the other side.

Rong Yan then had to meditate. He let his spirit flow in the air freely, and that what allowed him to bend air for the first time in his life. Shooting out a puff of air then a swish of air afterwards. Progressing through the sixth to the fifteenth levels of airbending, it seemed as if the art of airbending was coming natural to the Avatar. Avatar Rong Yan, had finally recognized the airbending lessons once again from his past lives and has excelled in the element really quickly.

By the end of Chapter 20, Avatar Rong Yan, is known to have mastered airbending. Geetsan mentions that if Rong Yan defeats General Senlin as the final test he will be considered a master airbender.


Rong Yan, at the beginning of chapter 19, begins to learn how to soundbend. Aloi his soundbending teacher will teach him soundbending of all that she knows. But in the world there is only three masters of soundbending.

At one point before leaving Ni Juo, Unaraq was curious to know if the hermit had returned to the shack up in the mountains. Upon arrival they had met a hooded figure, who was the hermit.

Startled he dropped his drink and air dried the stain on his robes. Aloi the airbender jumped in joy when she found out he was an airbender. He had revealed he was a member of an ancient organization called "The Vibrant Ones".

Who were a selected few of master airbenders trained in the three different branches of Soundbending. Chaos, Deception, and Melodic branches, each had the same standard moves but each had their own unique set moves.

The Soundbender (also known as, Giman), willingly taught Rong Yan, and Aloi some soundbending moves. At the end of their training day he gave them a small chest filled with various Soundbending scrolls pertaining more moves.

He decided to gift them it, since now there was only three known Vibrant Ones, doing so he knew this would bring a new generation of Vibrant Ones.

During the rest of Book Two, and by the beginning chapters of Book Three a few months would have gone by, and Rong Yan would have already mastered Deceptional Soundbending.


From the chapter 6, and onwards has Rong Yan been training in Waterbending by his master and friend Tanaraq. As far as the progression goes he has gotten the hang of waterbending and is near mastering the element. In the last few chapters of Book Two he should be considered a master of Waterbending.


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Avatar State

Although he was only seen very briefly, it is evident that Avatar Rong Yan had complete control of the Avatar State, able to enter and exit it at will. He was seen controlling a number of small volcanoes with the use of his abilities.



Portrait of Rong Yan

Avatar Rong Yan.

Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book One: Air (气)

Book Two: Water

Book Three: Earth

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)

Book Three: Fire (火)

The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air (气)

  • 112. "Endgame(vision, no lines)

Book Two: Spirits


The Avatars.

Preceded by
Ku Tei
677 BG - 569 BG (BG)
Succeeded by


  • "Rong Yan" is Chinese for "volcano".
  • 201. "The Avatar State(vision, no lines), he seen bending four or five volcanoes, hence where his name comes from.
  • Bryke originally drew the adult version of this character, Rong Yan, and the brief history in his appearances in Aang's and Korra's life, I take no credit for that, all credit goes to them. I just created the name, some history of my own, the younger versions of him, and the old version of him. All other characters are creation of imagination.


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