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Evil in the Air

Suki and her friends had been sailing for quite a while. They had gone all night without any food. "So, let me get this straight," Ling started. "You are one of the Avatar's personal friends, you helped take down an entire fleet of airships, and you helped take the Fire Nation back from the Sons of Ozai?"

"Yep," Suki answered, plainly.

"Nice, Ling said, slyly.

"Ugh! Why aren't there any fish in this stupid ocean?!" Bo complained. He had been fishing for the past half-hour.

"You don't even have a spear, Bo," Ling pointed out.

"I know that, Captain Obvious!" Bo retorted. "But I'm sure I could just Waterbend one right out of the water."

"Look, guys, we are all tired and hungry, but the best thing to do right now is to not get on each other's nerves," said Suki.

Suddenly, Bo caught something out of the corner of his eye. "Look! Over there; it's some kind of village!"

"Great! Maybe we can finally rest for a while and get something to eat!" Suki said.

A few minutes later, the three friends docked their boat and entered the village. "Welcome to Chin village!" a man on the docks called out.

As the trio walked around the village, Suki was noticeably quiet. "Hey are you okay?" Ling asked. "You seem a little on edge."

"This village and my home share a bad history," Suki explained. Neither Ling nor Bo questioned her after that. Eventually they stopped a food stand that seemed to be pretty popular.

"What do you have that's worth five silver pieces?" Suki asked.

The vendor plopped something down in front of her and Suki was a bit unsure what it was. "Um, what is that?" asked Bo.

"That is our best-selling product: un-fried dough in the shape of Avatar Aang," the vendor replied.

Suki examined the dough and then tasted it. As soon as the dough hit her taste buds, she had decided she was definitely not eating here. "Actually, we are going to go. Thanks anyway," she said in a hurry.

"Hey guys, look!" Ling pointed out. He was referring to a small ship coming towards the village. Suddenly, an arrow was fired from the bow of the ship and struck a cliff. Three men could be seen rapidly climbing the arrow.

The men were quickly standing on ground. Suki noticed they were all armed; one with a bow, one with dual dao swords and one with bombs. These guys could be trouble. Suki thought.

"Where are they?" asked the man with the bow. Everyone stood silent; for no one knew what this stranger was talking about. The man fired an arrow into the crowd; hitting someone in the chest. There were screams from the crowd but they were silenced by the archer. "Be quiet!" he ordered. "We are looking for three kids. The man with the bombs held up a wanted poster with pictures of Suki, Bo, and Ling. "We know they are here! This is the only island within a little less than a day's reach of Kyoshi Island. Now I will ask once more: where are-" the man was cut off by an earth pillar knocking him off of his feet and into the air.

The other two turned to see their friend's attacker. "You chumps better scram or else!" Ling threatened.

The man with the swords spoke up. "Isn't that cute? He thinks he can intimidate us."

The leader of the group landed back on the ground with a loud thud. "You are going to be sorry you did that!" he shouted. He grabbed his bow and loaded it with an arrow. He took aim and fired at Ling's heart. The Earthbender defended himself with an earth wall and then lowered it.

Suki approached the group. "Who are you? Are you with the Zhiming Assassins?"

"To answer your questions; my name is Yanshu and these are my friends: Fang and Zhung. And yes we are with the Zhiming Assassins," the man with the bow answered.

"Well this is what you scum get for invading my home!" Suki yelled. She ran at Fang with remarkable speed. Fang threw one of his explosives at Suki but the Kyoshi Warrior was able to dodge it with ease. She sent an uppercut into Fang's jaw and sent him over the cliff.

Zhung swung his swords in Bo's direction but the Waterbender had anticipated this. Bo quickly drew his bending water and sent Zhung down with his teammate.

Yanshu was bewildered he had lost his backup already. He knew he was no match for his opponents. The archer quickly slid down the rope and retreated into his boat.

The crowd began cheering. People were running up to the trio to thank them. "Thank you for saving us, strangers!" said a skinny man with a mustache. Suki assumed he was the mayor. "We are in debt to- Wait? Did they say you came from Kyoshi?" the mayor asked.

Suki was instantly nervous. "Uh, yeah but I'm also a friend of the Avatar," Suki pointed out.

"She's lying! Never trust a Kyoshi Islander!" shouted an old man. The crowd was now yelling for them to leave.

"So this is the thanks we get for saving a whole village?" Bo asked, sarcastically.

"Come on, let's just get out of here," Suki ordered. As the three left, they went back to the docks to find their boat but found a surprise. The boat had been destroyed completely.

"My boat!" Bo yelled in anger.

"Now how are we going to get out of here?" Ling wondered.

"We'll have to find the woods outside of this village and camp there for now," Suki suggested.

It was about 5 o'candle and the sun was beginning to set when Team Suki had finally found the woods. They were currently setting up camp and it was beginning to rain. "Well, I think I'm going to turn in for the night," Ling announced. "I'll see you guys in the morning."

"Sweet dreams, buddy," Bo called out to his friend. Suki stared at Bo for a few moments. "Is something wrong?" the Waterbender asked.

Suki snapped back to focus. "Oh, sorry, you just remind me of someone I know; that's all," she replied.

A hidden figure was sneaking through the trees. She was skilled at doing such and this is why she knew she would not be seen by the three scouts she spotted below. Although it was raining, she was able to keep herself from slipping off of the tree branches. She leapt from the trees; taking them by surprise. She proceeded to Firebend at one of them but her attack was nullified by a small water shield from one of the scouts. The girl was quickly on the ground; tackled by an unseen assailant. She got a good look at her attacker's face and saw it was an auburn-haired girl who was wearing Fire Nation clothes. "Tell your friends they are wasting their time trying to capture us because they will never succeed!" the auburn-haired girl shouted.

"What are you talking about? What friends?" The other girl asked.

"She is probably with the Zhiming Assassins!" Bo assumed.

"What was your first clue?" Suki responded, sarcastically.

Ling had emerged from his tent, ready for a fight. "What's going on?!" he questioned. He saw the girl who had snuck up on them and was instantly frozen.

"Hey, buddy, are you okay?" Bo inquired. Ling was taken aback by the beauty of this girl; he had just laid eyes on her and yet he was already infatuated with her. "Uh, sorry, I just got distracted for a second."

Suki re-focused on the task at hand. "Which one of them sent you?" she asked the girl.

"Wait, I thought you were Zhiming scouts," the girl explained.

"So you are not one either?" "Of course I'm not! I would never affiliate myself with those low-lives!"

"Well then, who are you?"

"I'm the daughter of a Fire Nation nobleman. I left home about a year before the War ended and have been living in multiple forests ever since," the girl explained. "The name's Rong by the way," she added.

"Hi. My name is Suki and these are my friends: Bo and Ling."

"Hi, nice to meet you," said Bo.

The only thing Ling could force out of his mouth was a very awkward "Hey."

"So, where exactly are you three from?" Rong asked.

"I'm from Kyoshi Island. It was just recently invaded by the Zhiming Assassins," Suki answered.

"I'm from the Southern Water Tribe," said Bo. "I'm the only Waterbender left from there other than that 'Katara' kid."

"I'm from a village that was destroyed by a catastrophic flood," Ling elaborated. "My mother was killed and my dad and I moved to Ba Sing Se and we were two of the survivors of it's near-destruction.

"I'm so sorry to hear that," Rong sympathized.

"Our goal now is to stop the Zhiming Assassins for good," Suki stated.

"That's been a goal of mine too," Rong said. "I've been tracking those savages for weeks; trying to at least slow down their master plan."

"You mean their plan to dominate the Earth Kingdom?" Suki assumed.

"No. Not just the Earth Kingdom. That's only phase one. Their master plan is to dominate all of the nations." Rong corrected her.

Suki's eyes widened. Her expression then became very serious. "We're not going to let that happen," she declared. Suki then had an idea and new it was a good one. "Rong, we both want the same thing and we are both skilled in what we do. Would you like to join us in your quest?" Suki asked.

"What makes you think I want to join you?" Rong asked, quizzically.

"I can see it in your eyes. You want to join us and I know you want to defeat the Zhiming Assassins as badly as we do. So, what do you say?" Suki outstretched her arm in Rong's direction.

Rong glared at Suki for a few moments and then put on a friendly expression. "Sure, Suki; I would be my pleasure to join you three."

"And I hope we all get to know each other really well," said Ling.

"Yeah, I hope so too," Rong replied. "Now let's get out of this rain and get some sleep."

"They killed Fang and Zhung?! How could these children be so powerful?!" Tai Kun was furious. "And didn't I tell you not to follow them?!" he shouted.

"I'm sorry, Master, but you don't know Suki like I do! I had to send them after her; she is not just some inexperienced child!" Hong Wu protested. "She and her friends must be dealt with if our plans are to succeed!"

"Yes, and forgive me for failing you, my lord," Yanshu apologized.

"He is right, Tai Kun," said a voice belonging to a woman. Tai Kun and Hong Wu saw Shun step out of the shadows.

"You think so?" Tai Kun questioned the Airbender.

"Of course; look at how easily those kids were able to beat two of our greatest agents and force the third to retreat," Shun responded. "Besides, Hong Wu has told me a great deal of his battles with the Kyoshi Warrior. I think it best we search for them and take them out."

"Well, if your seemingly infinite wisdom leads you to believe such then I trust your judgment," Tai Kun agreed.

"Just make sure you let me deal with Suki," Hong Wu reminded his superior.

"Indeed I will, Hong Wu."

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