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Metalbender officer
Roland Seguin
Biographical information




Birth place

Southwestern United States


15, 22 upon return to Republic City

Physical description








Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earth, Sand

Bending style(s)

Earthbending, Sandbending, Metalbending




Juan (father)


John Rider, Leon Reynolds, Refugees, Team Avatar


Amon, Equilsts, Gunslinger Loyalists, The Grandmaster

Chronological and political information




First appearance

The Refugees Part One

"The United States of Who?"
— Roland

Roland was a young Earthbender that appears in the Avatar Fanon The Gunfighter. He is a member of the North American Sandbender Tribe and despite his age a skilled engineer for the Gunslingers.


Roland was born to The North American Sandbender Tribe, also known as The Blackkettle Tribe. His tribe, being one of seven throughout the world, as well as being only one of two in the Western Hemesphere was greatly removed from the rest of civilsation. At an early age, The Gunslingers sent a trading party to The Blackkettle's, who took notice of Roland's bending abilities. As a result, he was recruited as an Engineer for not only his skill, but his creativeness.

During The Gunslinger Civil War, Roland sided with the Gunslinger Rebels due to the time he served with John Rider. It is unknown what he did before he arrived with the Refugees in Republic City. After his arrival with the first wave, Roland helped build the barricade around the Refugee Borough. For a time, Roland remained in the borough in order to repair or upgrade a piece of technology when required.

During the Equalist attack on the Pro-Bending Finals, Roland demonstrated his ability as a fighter, fending off a large number of attackers by himself. Following this, his position was upgraded to combat engineer and he was placed reserve for combat operations

Due to his status as an engineer, Roland was the chief builder of the battleship Isabella. He personally oversaw the building of the warship, it's launching, and was even the ship's captain during the sea trials.

When the Battle of Republic City began, Roland was stationed on Air Temple Island in order to help with the construction of a communications center. John sent Roland to City Hall as Tenzin's bodyguard. Although he completed his mission and returned to Air Temple Island alongside Team Avatar without any injury, the earthbender was shaken by his encounter with the Equalist gas attack. John willingly gave Roland a break in order to allow him some time to regain his composure.

Shortly afterward, the refugees abandoned Air Temple Island and retreated to their borough. Over the course of the battle, Roland supplied help where he could, even evacuating to the Republic City tunnels after the Borough Wall was overrun by an Equalist attack. He would later follow General Iroh into the main effort to reclaim Republic City. Roland was personally in command, due to John attending the Equalist Victory Rally as a sniper and Leon leading a small squadron to decimate the biplanes.

With the war's end, Roland along with the rest of the majority of the Refugees returned to their home world in order to rebuild. After an unknown amount of time, Roland gained command of his own squad of metalbenders, who specialized in urban combat. With Grandmaster Reynolds' decent into madness, and his subsequent switching of sides during the Spirit Crisis and Water Tribe Civil War, Roland led his squad into another state of rebellion.

This time their intentions were to return to Republic City and lend whatever aid they could against the growing forces of darkness.


Roland is a complicated young man. His personality is described as a cross between Aang's and Toph's, making him both carefree and strongheaded. Roland is also somewhat devious, pulling various pranks on his comrades. At one point he poured sand into John's coffee. In Stories of Home it was reviled that Roland used earthbending to disturb the ground beneath the horse John was riding, causing John to be bucked off.


Being a skilled Earthbender, Sandbender, and Metalbender, Roland was a mastermind at building. Everything from warships, to defensive walls, to even specialized metalbending gear that allowed for easy travel over rough terrain.

Aside from engineering, Roland was a decent tactician and possessed the skill and talent to lead others in a fight. During the Battle of Republic City, he led a squad of metalbenders atop Kyoshi Bridge and lured several retreating Equalists into a trap.


Roland shares his first name with the famous gunslinger from Steven King's series, 'The Dark Tower'. Despite the names, both characters share little in common. Roland is the first Gunslinger to be depicted who does not use a gun.

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