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Rokan is the protagonist in Firebender896's fanon, Avatar: The Legend of Rokan.


  • Zhan (Father), deceased, 58-95 AG.
  • Isa (Mother), deceased, 60-95 AG.
  • Taiko (Brother), deceased, 82-95 AG.
  • Zi Joh (Maternal Aunt), 58-Present AG.


80 AG. Zhan was the governor of the Harbor City just outside of Royal Caldera City, in the Fire Nation Capital. He came there in his late teens looking for work; he was originally from the small village Shu Jing. Here he met Isa, a beautiful and accomplished musician. Isa was employed as a minstrel for Princess Ursa, though the two formed a sister-like friendship. Zhan actually met Isa through her twin sister Zi Joh, who was already betrothed and wished her sister to be married with her. Isa was shy of Zhan at first, but with Ursa and Zi Joh's loving encouragement, the two soon fell in love, and Zi Joh got her wish and was married with her sister.

82 AG. Zhan and Isa's first child was born: a boy who they called Taiko after Zhan's great-grandfather. The little infant brought much joy to the young couple, and their life flourished with happiness.

83 AG. Isa's dear friend Ursa gave birth to her firstborn, bringing to the Fire Nation it's future Fire Lord. Isa and Ursa saw each other often, giving little Zuko and Taiko time to play.

84 AG. Rokan was born to Zhan and Isa. She was welcomed with much rejoicing, particularly by older brother Taiko, then two. All their friends in the Fire Nation were excited and pleased when this lively, healthy baby girl was brought into their lives.

85 AG. Then, exactly one year later, little Princess Azula was born. Her birth brought great joy to her family, especially Fire Lord Azulon, for whom she was named. It was obvious from the beginning that Prince Ozai favored Azula greatly, but not much was thought of it, especially not by Zuko and Taiko, who were too entranced with their little sisters to notice much else.

86 AG.

In 86 AG., a year after Azula was born, she came down with a deadly fever. She shook with untameable cold, unable to be warmed. The Fire Nation fell into a frenzy, horrified that
IMG 0197
it might lose it's much loved little princess. As a comfort to Ursa, Isa took Rokan and stayed with her friend at the Palace, Taiko wishing to stay with his father. On one of these long, tense days, Isa and Rokan came across Zuko in a courtyard. The three year old prince ran over to greet them, and for the first time little Rokan stretched her arms out to him. She had never performed this trusting act, not even to her mother and father. Thrilled to be so singled out, little Zuko asked to play with Rokan. Still anxious about Azula, Isa agreed and went to help Ursa. Several days later, with the help of an expert herbalist, Azula miraculously recovered.

91 AG. Taiko, Zuko, Rokan and Azula continued to grow up together. However, the children began to take different paths. Taiko, now 9, was needed to help his father in their metal shop, taking him away from his childhood playmate Zuko. Azula attended the Royal Fire Academy for Girls and left the others for her new friends Mai and Ty Lee. This did not cause much anger in the little group, as Azula rarely played with them anyway. Zuko and Rokan continued their acquaintance, but they were unable to spend much time together, as rising tensions between Ursa and Fire Lord Azulon began to ensue.

92 AG. The year that Rokan's extraordinary gift comes into view. Rokan always was a Firebender. She trained with Zuko and Azula when they were small, but her skills were never more than average. However, on one fateful day, Rokan witnesses two Firebender boys harassing her brother about his inability to bend. Quiet-tempered, shy Taiko refused to say anything to them, causing them to threaten him to an obviously unfair Agni Kai. Again, Taiko did not respond, and one of the boys burned his arm. Rokan, who witnessed it all, blew up, not far from literally. Her hands turned to flames and her eyes danced with fire, and she accidentally set a nearby merchant's tent on fire when she stamped her foot. The boys ran away, frightened, and wanted nothing else to do with her or her brother. This display of power from one so inexperienced, however, called over the attention of Prince Ozai...

93 AG. Fire Lord Azulon died and Princess Ursa went missing, much to the dismay of Isa. Ozai was crowned Fire Lord, and the War took a turn for the worst. In a few short months Ozai did more damage to the nations than Azulon had ever done. Ozai wanted the world, and to get it, he needed power...a great deal of power. Ozai, in a sudden impulse of unexpected charity, offered to get Rokan the best Firebending Masters in the nation to train her. Believing it to be a simple act of indulgence for the little girl, Zhan and Isa agreed.

94 AG. Rokan had mastered fire-bending by the end of the winter. It was discovered by her masters that her extreme power was merely a temperament problem, and with much training and coaching, Rokan learned to control it. The masters arranged an exhibition of her talents for Ozai's entertainment. He was so pleased with the results of Rokan's hard training that he gave her an honorary Royal Flame ornament.

95 AG. When it all went wrong. 11 year old Rokan, happily sporting her Royal Flame, was summoned to the Palace for a special audience with Fire Lord Ozai. Prince Zuko, although slightly jealous that he was not also summoned to the meeting, wished her luck with an affectionate punch on the shoulder, and Rokan stepped into the War Room. Ozai congratulated her on a recent performance of bending, and began to praise her great skill. He surprised and embarrassed her more by declaring her an even better fire-bender than his daughter Azula, and stated that he had a special request for her. What he asks of her shocks and confuses Rokan. Ozai persists, and a frightened and horrified Rokan runs from the palace after refusing the Fire Lord. Zuko tries to confront her, but she pushes him away and runs to her father's shop, where she finds Taiko. She relays the information of her meeting with Ozai to her loving brother. Taiko is about to respond, when he notices a large division of Fire Nation troops approaching their house. Rokan tries to stop them, but Taiko holds her back, stating that he will handle it. But, alas, the Fire Benders don't listen when Taiko pleads with them, and the house is set on fire. In rushing Rokan to safety, a weakened beam collapses on Taiko, fatally wounding him. He sends Rokan away, and she obeys, fleeing to a nearby hill where she watches her childhood home--and her family--burn to the ground.

96 AG. Zuko is banished. Rokan is missing. Ozai's wrath increases.

99 AG.-Present The Avatar returns. Prince Zuko is searching for him. And a strange girl called Zoai is stirring things up across the four nations...


Rokan is a sarcastic, hot tempered and passionate girl. She has great pride, and if it is damaged she finds it hard to forgive. Rokan is very affectionate when it comes to family and friends, and firmly set in her beliefs about the War. She is intelligent and witty, with good planning skills. She can be overly defensive and easily offended, and extremely distrustful of new acquaintances. Rokan faces extreme moral stress, as her loyalty lies with a Nation that has created a War that she thinks unjust.


  • Rokan's original name was meant to be Zoai. This was changed, however, to be her cover name while in the Earth Kingdom.
  • Rokan's original design was slightly different. Her hair was shorter and kept down. She wore a metal winged spalder on her right shoulder. Rokan's spalder was replaced with traditional Agni Kai arm rings.
  • Rokan's name was heavily influenced by the name of Roku, the Fire Avatar before Aang.
  • Very early ideas for an Avatar Original Character began as a Fire Nation girl called Lin, who shared the same headband and a similar hairstyle seen on Rokan.

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