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Rokai Guo
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Fire Nation



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Fire, swords, chain blades

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  • Bandit
  • Firebending Master
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Azula's Encounter With Destiny



Rokai was born and raised in the slums of the Fire Nation. His family was not very wealthy, and were not able to afford any kind of special medical care. In turn, his mother died when he was 4, and is sister had only turned 1 year old. They had lived in the same house with their father. When Rokai was about 9, he met Daeden. Another kid around his age who had moved into the same area with his father. They soon became close friends. Daeden's father had a boat, which his father used to take Daeden, Rokai, and his sister on a secret field trip to another part of the Fire Nation, (A more desolate area)to admire the beauty. But what happened would scar Rokai for life. As they marched through a town to get to their destination, Rokai's sister, was kidnapped by a gang. The reason was unknown, but they were unable to find her. The rage from these horrible events led Rokai to discover his fire bending ability.

Just Two

Since the loss of his mom and sister, Rokai became very hateful on the inside. Even though, he never showed is feelings to anyone else, he still felt it. The pain. The anger. To help provide for him and his father, he would dress up in his hand made ninja outfit, and rob stores of their goods and money. He told his father that the money was from a job he had. How can feelings for a girl change his personality slightly, though?

Learning to be a thief

As a way to survive he learned how to be a thief in order to gain items he wouldn't have otherwise been able to acquire. In the center city, he started out as a pickpocket, stealing money from strangers and tourist that visited the city. He was never caught, and this only strengthened his confidence in himself as thief. Over time, he became better at it, and eventually learned how to rob stores and stands stealthily.


Rokai looks to be a very nice, and respectful person. When though, he is angry, a whole different person shows. The medium believes him to be possessed.


Fire Bending

Behind the Scenes


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