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"The second fundamental theorem of calculus is used to compute the definite integral of a function by using any one of its infinite antiderivatives"
— Rohan
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gray (blind in one eye)

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broadswords, etc.


Kya, Liv, Gyatso, Fufu, Helado, Team Avatar, etc.

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Fire Nation, Water Tribe, Team Avatar, etc.

Rohan is a main protagonist in Avatar: Beyond the Comet.


Rohan is the son of Sokka and Suki. He currently lives in the Fire Nation Capital City, where he is an assistant teacher to his mother, Suki.


Rohan is extremely intelligent and possesses a broad range of skills. He is not easily fazed, and always manages to maintain a serious and blasé appearance. In spite of his fairly detached disposition, he is not antisocial and is greatly loved and respected by both friends and family.


Although he is not a bender, Rohan maintains exceptional strength and fighting skills. The origin of his strength his unknown, however, as he always seems to have his nose in a book. He often uses broadswords in combat.

Appearances and references

Rohan first makes an appearance in Book One: Deceit, Chapter One. He is scheduled to appear in nearly every chapter following the first.


  • The "h" in Rohan's name is silent. Therefore, it is pronounced like the word "rowan".

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