Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Rocky: The Legend Begins in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Rocky: The Legend Begins
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The Legend of Korra


A 16 year old Earthbender named Rocky had always lived a normal life. On his 16th birthday, Rocky's parents tell him who he really is. Angered by his duties, the young Avatar fled to the center of all bending: Republic City. While in Republic City, Rocky runs into two airbending cousins. They agree to help him with his Avatar journey. Soon the Avatar encounters his animal escort, a 240-pound pterodactyl. Soon, Team Avatar is born, and the Legend Begins


  • Rocky: A 16 year old Earthbender who doubles as the Avatar.
  • Oogi: A 15 year old Airbender who has a love for battle. (Meelo's son)
  • Tyra: A 15 year old Airbender who's second language is sarcasm. (Jinora's daughter)
  • Jiro: A unknown aged pterodactyl who is always by Rocky's side and eager to protect him.
  • Rocky's Mom
  • Rocky's Dad


Chapter 1

"Happy Birthday, Avatar Rocky!" Rocky's parents exclaimed in unison. "What did you call me?" Rocky asked.

"Rocky, you're the Avatar!" Rocky's parents were very excited. Rocky on the other hand, was shocked and angered. The table that the cake was sitting on crumbled into dust. The earth began to shake as Rocky hurled a boulder at the fence.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU EVER FEEL THE NEED TO TELL ME I WAS THE AVATAR?!?!?!" Rocky turned on his parents.

His mother spoke up. "It is an ancient tradition to inform the Avatar of his potential at the age of 16."

Rocky turned and stomped back into the house. With every step, he left a pile of pebbles in his wake. AVATAR ROCKY'S HOUSE, MIDNIGHT

Rocky checked left and right before leaving his bedroom. He crept down the creaky stairs. With each step he recoiled, checking to see if his parents had heard him. Rocky had heard about how Avatar Korra had snuck out to head to Republic City. He was planning on doing the same thing, only his parents wouldn't know. When Rocky got outside he made sure he closed the door very quietly, and began his journey into the cold, crisp night.

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