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By Aquarius Black Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Yan continuity.

Rocky was Yan's badgermole and animal guide. He was the one to teach a blind Yan the art of Earthbending. The two shared a deep relationship. His greatest attribute was his massive body, which blocked most of harm. He was one of Team Avatar's means of transportation.


Early life

Rocky was brought to Republic City from Gaoling, Earth Kingdom to teach Yan, who at the time was still a baby, the art of earthbending. The two got along almost instantly, and the teachings were absorbed naturally. The two shared a very lovable relationship from the beginning, and were inseparable.

Autumn 251 AG

He was with Yan and the others and witnessed the attack on Future Industries. Later, he evacuated Yan from the Beifong residence, and welcomed the others in the team when heading to Yue Bay. He was welcome in the Air Temple Island, and while Yan meditated, he spent the morning at the plaza, eating his food. Sensing his partner was safe, he didn't bother to help him against the metalbending Police Force.



Few is known of Rocky's personality, but it is known he shares Yan's calmness and serenity, only entering in battle if sensing Yan was in trouble. He knew how to impose respect by simply standing against his enemies. He was intelligent, and understood human language, making his friendship with Yan the best. He was steadfastly loyal not only with Yan, but with the rest of his team and overall good-natured strangers. Every time Yan called, Rocky was quick to answer the call.



Being a badgermole, Rocky could use earthbending, not only to open the way through caves and tunnels, but also to feel what was in his path, being partially blind. His main use of earthbending was through his claws, using them in his seismic sense.


Rocky was fairy strong, either through his claws or body bulk. He was so strong he could rip a man apart with his claws.

Other skills

Rocky was an adept swimmer, capable of swimming for hours, and able the cross the ocean effortlessly.




Rocky had a close relationship with Anahata, and the had a healthy rivalry too, being benders of opposite elements. Their friendship was made apparent when the Imperialists captured the badgermole, as Anahata was the one to stop a stray Imperialist soldier from fleeing, thus enabling Yan to inrerrogate him. The two usually ate together, sharing a similar diet of fruits and vegetables.


The relationship between Rocky and Quacky reflected the relationship between Yan and Kozui. He usually was the one to perpetually care for Quacky's safety. He usually scared any wild beast that could harm the little turtle duck.



Yan and Rocky shared a deep relationship, always protecting each other. He was the one to teach earthbending to the young Avatar, the two completely understanding each other, due to Yan's blindness, and according to Yan, the silent badgermole was his best mentor. Their deep relationship was made apparent when Rocky was kidnapped by some Imperialists, a fact that caused Yan to lose his mind, making him kill many soldiers as he infiltrated their Gaoling outpost to rescue his beloved badgermole.


Rocky met Natsu when Yan began learning firebending from Mako. He loved her almost as much as he loved Yan, and was comfortable with letting her go on his back and stir him. When Rocky was caputre by some Imperialists while Team Avatar was stationed in Gaoling, she was almost as upset as Yan, even offering to help the Avatar rescue his animal guide.


  • Rocky was the third known animal guide to be partner with the Avatar whose birth bending was the same one his species discovered:
    • Fang was a dragon, the creature to originally discover firebending, Roku's birth bending;
    • Appa was a flying bison, the creature to originally discover airbending. Aang's birth bending;
    • Rocky was a badgermole, the creature to originally discover earthbending, Yan's birth bending.

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