By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
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Jet, Missile (brothers)

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Jet, Missile

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Book 4: Air -

Rocket is a very fast Boa hound, and leader of the Boa Brothers. His status as a bounty hunter himself is pretty good, but is much better with his brothers and are also known as a great thief during his bounty hunter trips, saying he's collecting the bounty out of the bounty hunting.

Book 4: Air

Rocket appeared with his brothers when he heard of the bounty for the Avatar and went to see Hougen for it. Just for the heck of it, he stumbles Hougen down the royal steps, showing the indication that he doesn't really care How "royal" his clients are. During the discussion, he demands that Hougen gives him the money before he actually goes, and even tries to blackmail Hougen, showing him his own wanted poster! He decides to do it after what he considers Pathetic begging when Hougen threatens Jet's life.

He shows up a few weeks later when he find Weed and GB after they were done fishing. He quickly grabs Weed as his brothers stole their hard earn fish. He carries the sweeping pup back to an old shack where he asks him where Avatar Aang is. He threatens to beat up the pup but he ends up on a chase when Weed jumps out of a window. Before he can do anything, Kaibutsu suddenly appears and nearly kills him on the spot. After a good threat from the giant, he and his brothers ran off.

When he and his brothers got back to Hougen, he was nearly killed but his brothers gave him enough time to escape. He swore revenge on Hougen for what he did, although he wasn't exactly sure if Jet or Missile are actually dead or not.


• Rocket, like his brothers, has a name representing something really fast, his being the fastest of all.

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