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This is Chapter 5 in The Phoenix Chronicles.


Mian begins earthbending lessons from Tia, the rest see a play at Abuki theater. Meanwhile the Water Tribe situation does not get better.


Zura was first to rise followed by Tia. Everyone else woke up, but Mian. While everybody wondered when he would wake up, Tia remembered something and grabbed her bullhorn. She put it over Mian's face and said, "Mian, you big idiot, wake up, I said, WAKE UP! It's earthbending time!"

Mian's ears still hurt, from Tia's bullhorn, but he came out on to land along with the rest of Team Strike. The two went up near some rocks, while everybody else relaxed under some shade of an Oak tree. Mian began his earthbending stance, and waited for instruction. Tia had become a master just 2 weeks ago and she was already telling him what to do. But, he knew better than complain and did all of her strange stretching postures with her. When Tia was ready, she got up in an earthbending stance as did Mian and told him she would throw rocks at him, and he had to stop them with earthbending. Mian was about to say that throwing rocks at him was not his idea of training but Tia was already beginning. First, she picked up a human-size boulder and threw it at him full speed. Mian held up his hands to prepare, but was quickly thrown of his feet as the huge rock hit him straight in the chest. Luckily, Tia stopped it before it crushed him. She decided she need a smaller rock, and found another one about as large as a head. She waited for Mian to be ready, and threw it at him. Mian instinctively dodged, which made Tia upset. She explained that one must be as hard as a rock, and not stray from his stance.

As Mian and Tia continued practicing Ami, Zura, and Sky got bored so headed out to the capital. They decided to go watch a play at the Abuki theater. But, before they could Ami made stopped at her parent's house. Her mother was glad to see her, and hugged her. Her father, also gave her a quick kiss on the forehead before running off, for he was late for an important meeting. As the threesome rested and had some lunch, Ami's pet lemur MoJo came down from his favorite tree. Mojo's father was Momo the pet of Ami's grandfather. Mojo happy to see Ami, sat on her shoulder and accompanied the trio to Kabuki theater. As everyone settled down, Mojo made a small fuss about not getting his own chair and flew of to a nearby window, to see the play about his ancestors.

Avatar: The Legend

In a replica of the Southern Water Tribe, A large ice cube was in the center of a larger stage. Approached on a boat were two children. The female seemed to be 17 and had long brown hair the male was around 18 and had a ponytail with short brown air.

Katara: You shouldn't have told me to take a left, we take a right at the 2nd walrus

Sokka: Don't tell me what to do, we should have taken a left, I don't care we are going to make it to that meeting

Cube bursts open out pops a 15 year old male Air Nomad

Aang: Want to go Walrus tipping?

Sokka: Say what? I think he is an enemy spy, let's get him

Katara: (hearts in eyes) Um..Hi

Aang: Oh by the way I am the Avatar

Sokka: Yeah, and I am going to save the day, defeat the Fire Lord, fall in love twice, have one of my girlfriends turn into the moon, and wait..I will wear a stupid green dress

Zuko: I am here to capture you

Aang: Wait, How did you get here?

1 minute later

zuko on ground fainted

--Kyoshi Island--

Sokka: Stupid Irony

Katara: Hey, Aang watch this no watch me focus on me, love me please!

Aang: What!?

Katara: No, I said milk me, go get some milk now!

--Ba Sing Se--

Aang: Avatar State to the rescue

Azula: Magic Lighting, go!

(Aang faints and Team Avatar escapes)


Earth King: I am an idiot

Toph: Yep

Sokka: Very idiotic

Katara: Moon water, go!

Aang: Thanks, ka..tar..a

Katara: Only a sister..sob!

--Black Sun--

Zuko: i am joining the good side, the side of the Avatar

Ozai: Get lost, you idiot of a traitor.

--Western Air Temple--

Zuko: Hi, I know that I have hunted you down, tried to kill you, turn you in to your worst enemy who happens to be my father, but now I want to join you guys.

Aang: Umm..Okay

Sokka: Want some soup?

--Sozin's comet--

Aang: Avatar State and awesome bending to the rescue!

Ozai: You will never defeat..(collapses)

--Fire Nation (Sozin's comet)

Azula: I will kill you

Zuko: Awesome Fire go!

Katara: Awesome water go!

Azula: Awesome Lightni.. (collapses)

--The end--

The trio left, saying "Worst play ever, and the lighting was horrible". The play was obviously wrong, and had some serious faults. They found Tia with a bruised Mian. Tia, said he was getting better but needed some help. Together team strike walked off into the sunset. But, as soon as they got back onto the ship, by reading the Admiral's face they knew they had to leave the islands and head back to the Water Tribe.

The Archers were shooting but it was no use, the tanks still came. The city had been in siege for almost 4 days, Kio, got up from the blast and sent the message to Admiral Min. Each day more people died, and the full moon was not for another week, they might not last that long. They needed back up, now.


  • Avatar: the legend sounds like Avatar: the Legend of Aang, a European title version.
  • Chapter is a mix between and Bitter Work and Ember Island Players.
  • Many facts in the play are, obviously wrong such as Katara trying to get Aang's attention and Aang defeating Zuko on the spot.
  • Sokka predicts he will do several things that do in fact happen to him in the canon, such as having his "girlfriend turned into the moon" which he himself said in theBoiling Rock Pt. 1.
  • This is the second time Walrus tipping is mentioned, the first in The Southern Prince
  • This is the second time Walrus tipping is mentioned, the first in The Southern Prince.

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